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"If you think the battles over,then you are wong.The battles only begun"

-Alex(Kyoya Blade X)

Alex is one of the characters starring in Beyblade Crystal Clash and is the Prince of the Waters.He owns the mighty Aqua Shark U:B and is one of the best bladers.He and Sun Blaze are the Rivals of Eternity and both their beys are universal.His friends are-Sun Blaze,Zeus,Zero and so on.


Alex wears a green coat whose sleeves have been ripped off on a tatty, torn black shirt. He also wears brown gloves, boots and belt and beige pants. In Metal Fury, he wears a sleeveless black jacket over a green shirt. He also wears a brown belt and brown boots and gloves and light grey pants. In both cases, he also wears a pendant around his neck all the time.


Alex is a strong blader who is generally self-possessed, nice, intelligent, perceptive and rather aloof. He is a strong tactician who is very adaptable especially during tough points in a battle and utilizes all his senses during battles. Alex then joins Zero and his friend's along in their journey and help them always whenever needed.He never backs down and can risk anything to save his best friend Sun Blaze.


Alex is a very good blader and hard working.He has close ties with Sun since they met.He can do anything for everyone of his friends.


Sun Blaze-The best friend of Alex

Zeus-A respectful person

Zero-The ultimate rival


  • Alex
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