Alex Dragneel
260px-Kyoya MFury
Alex Dragneel beyblading
Vital statistics
Title The Dragon Slayer
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Rivals of Eternity
Health Good
Level Unlimited
Status Administrator
I am not alone.I can hear them.....I can hear everyone's voices...I can sense everyone's feelings....I am not alone.....Everyone's feelings......They support me....They are what give me the will to stand and fight!

—Alex Dragneel, When fighting Zeus's Nemesis.

Alex Dragneel is one of the most powerful blader and a true Rival of Eternity. He owns the mighty Alpha Burning Dragon Knight X:S and is popularly known as the Dragon Slayer.He has close ties with his friend Sun,and earlier he used to own Aqua Shark U:B.Then he was known as the King of Waters. It must be however remembered,that though he is a rival,not enemy,he supports the Bladers of Eternity in every need.


Alex generally wears a sleeveless black jacket over a green shirt. His shirt has a rip that goes across the bottom of it which makes it shorter. He also wears a brown belt, brown gloves, brown boots and light grey pants.He always wears a pendant around his neck all the time,which he has received from his broken house,where his family died,leaving him behind alone.

He doesn't back down from challenges and has a strong concept of honor as a Blader. He gives his all during a battle and expects other Bladers to do the same.


Alex is a mature and wise person.Though he doesn't look much friendly,he is actually.He is a very determined person and will go to great lengths to fulfill his goal.As a friend,he can do anything to save them from danger.He is sometimes surprisingly kind,but generally merciless during beybattles.He has a close relationship with his bey,with which he shares everything.


Alex lived in a forest with his family when he was a baby.When only 2 years old,his whole family collapsed under the move of an earthquake.Then on,he wandered in the jungle and developed wild natures like lion-like teeth,scars on his face under both eyes, and rough nature.One night,there was a sea-storm and at day when Alex went to the shore,he found his first bey Aqua Shark U:B.Then and there,he started beyblading and as he was successful in his part,he took beyblading as his main profession.

He went to search the strongest blader,and gradually made friends with Sun and teamed up.From there,he got to meet up the most strongest bladers,of whom he was also one.


Sun Blaze-His best friend and also a hard rival

Zero Kurisutaru-His one of the best ally and greatest rival

Zeus/Ultimate Zeus-His friend,but more like a frenemy(Friend+Enemy)

Toru Xedus-A good friend of his

Chao-An ally

Neron-A Rival