This Bey has got the Best Bey of the Month May 2013 Award
Alpha Burning Dragon Knight X:S
My dragon
Beast Name Dragon Knight
Type Balance
Beast Type Defense
Level 5

Alpha Burning Dragon Knight X:S is the most powerful bey which is owned by Alex at the current time.It has evolved from Aqua Shark U:B,but the beast completely changed and turned into a Fire Dragon.This beast has the power of Fire element.The beast has 8 dragon beasts,that differ from each.Their qualities also vary with the change of the beast.

Facebolt:Dragon Knight


The Facebolt depicts a Dragon, a beast from one of the 88 constellations in space according to Greek Mythology.The facebolt is Golden mixed with red colored.The dragon motive is printed.The face is made up of metal completely with a rubber connection,which covers the top and base-surface of the face.It teleports the stealed energy of attack into the fusion wheel or the tip. Stealed energy if teleported into the wheel,it reflects the attacks which it faces.And if the stealed energy is passed into the tip,it converts the energy for spinning.The rubber weight and the metal weight combine together,giving the bey an aggressive balance and long-lasting stamina.

4D Energy Ring:Burning Dragon Knight

The Burning Dragon Knight 4D ring has 5 sub-4D rings which combine with each other in order to create a single 4D Energy Ring.

Sub-4D Energy Ring:Burning

The Sun 4D Energy Ring is shaped like the heads of a dragon.It has two heads.The heads are made up of rubber,and the exception is made up of Titanium,which is the most hard metal.It is colored golden. And the heads are colored Red.The ring is quite heavy.It is mostly used for defensive purposes.This energy ring fits at the top of every Sub-Energy Ring.This Sub ring has two modes,which can be switched-Speed Arc Mode and Defense Arc mode.In Speed Arc,the dragon heads move a bit right and fits in such a way,that the bey receives some good amount of speed enough good for at least 5 smash attacks.In the Defence Arc mode,the dragon heads move towards the left and doing so,the bey gets potential for more Defense power.

Sub-4D Energy Ring:Attila

The Attila ring is perhaps meant for attack only.Not smash attacks,not attacks which can absorb energy,it does such attacks that lower the energy of the other bey.The Attila Sub-Energy ring is very very slim.It cannot be seen from sidewise,but can be from downwards.It is colored slight red and made up of normal metal,with just a point of rubber.With no modes,this metal is only good for attacks,and that is why the upper energy ring covers it for defense.

Sub-4D Energy Ring:Heaven

The Heaven Sub-energy ring is made of rubber.It is shaped like a triangle.It is not much thick and not of much use.It spins freely,and that is it's main advantage.The sharp edges of the ring have a free-flow sequence and continuously strike the opposing bey,one after another.This bey decreases the spinning potential of the opposing bey and increases the spinning power of this bey.That is it's only characteristic.Except that,it is only used for attacks.

Sub-4D Energy Ring:Hades

The Hades ring,meaning hell which opposes Heaven and lies under it is completely made up of metal.Now this ring has a shape of circle.And at the side with a gap of 0.1mm,there are sharp-metal spikes everywhere.These spikes helps to deflect the attacks,whether it be smash or deep attacks.They cut through the fusion wheel and leave a deep impact on them.This Hades ring is meant for complete Destruction.The spikes can catch a bey by letting thm into the wheel.

Sub-4D Energy Ring:Valkyries

The Valkyries is the most useful sub-energy ring.The ring is shaped like a star.It has 15 edges- with a plot of one metal edge,then one rubber,then one metal and so on.They help for attacks,plus defense reuslting in two in one.And then,its base is covered with spikes,and that is why no beys dare to attack it below the energy ring.

Core:Delta Max

The Delta Max core,made of metal is shaped like two wings,made of metal,and designed like fire.They are useful for defenses and attacks when battling against weak beyblades.As for Defense,sometimes,it can also help the bey to tolerate to two to three consicutive special moves.As for attacks,it can help the bey to defelct the abilities of beys with a lower level.This core is the most useful part of the 4D Energy ring and fusing with the Sub-4D Energy rings,it creates the final Energy Ring.

4D Fusion Wheel:Alpha

The Fusion wheel Alpha is a break-wheel two layered metal wheel with a very thin outlook.It has only one fuction,that is two resist the attacks.The breaking is for that purpose.It also maintains sufficient balance and stamina.It is a necessary part and helps the bey to win in many ways.Moreover,the metal is designed in the shape of dragon,resembling the beast of it.It contains 5 Sub Fusion wheels.

Sub-4D Fusion Wheel:Valkyries

The 4D Fusion wheel is shaped like wings.The edges are sharp,symboling the Valkyries.They provide steady attack,but more defense.This is so as sharp edges can cut parts.It is positioned in the centre.So only three edges of it can be visible and effective and the others are of no use.The under part of the wheel is made of rubber,providing ability of Spin-stealing.This provides endurance to the bey than it provides stamina.But,heavy attack's powers are decreased by this wheel,making it a very ncessary useful part of the bey.

Sub-4D Fusion Wheel:Hades

The Hades wheel is the most useful part of the whole Fusion wheel System.It is made thick,with three holes above,through which the Valkyries jut out.This wheel,made of Titanium,is used for penetrating every abilty possible.Moreover,Fire-type abilities are of no use against this bey,just only for this part of the bey.The under part is shaped like the head of wolf with numbers of 3 .They are made of ordinary metal and are just used for beautifying the bey.

Sub-4D Fusion Wheel:Heaven

The Heaven wheel is very thin,not visible,and just an ordinary wheel with the shape similar to a cloud.This is just for adjusting height since the Hades wheel is a thick one.It just provides weight,meaning balance,and weight also means defense for no normal attack can even budge it from the place where it stands.

Sub-4D Fusion Wheel:Attila

The Attila wheel is made of Diamon,whose edges are very sharp indeed and this helps in scratching of the fusion wheel of the opponent's bey.The wheel is coloured in gray so that it may not look unique.This wheel only has offensive uses rather than shielding.It is shaped like a circle with edges on every sides.

Sub-4D Fusion Wheel:Burning

The Burning wheel is shaped like the Evil wheel coloured Red,made of titanium and rubber at base.It covers the bey for defense,is helpful during offense and spin-steals for stamina.This bey can also revert disbalance through its base.That is,if the bey is attacked,and it loses it balance,it clashes with its opponent's bey and sends the disbalances it.But,this disbalance cannot be again reverted to this bey,as the rubber does also protect it.

4D Performance Tip:X:S

The Xtreme Sharp-all-ability tip is a wide material,made of a mixture of both rubber and steel,has two wing-like attachment whcih rotate freely,made of normal,light metal.The tip contains 3 performance tips.When the bey is launched,then the tip is Eternal Wide Defense.On command,the bey's tip changes to Defense Sharp.Then to Eternal Defense Sharp.All this tips provide huge amount of balance,stamina and attack.Moreover,this should be noted that all the tips are made of metal.They are coloured Red for resembling fire.The wings are most effective when the tip is Defense Sharp.


Killer Slide:The bey rotates in a round formation,with the wings,they downcast a tornado upon the graound which helps the bey to get into the air,then gradually falling,it gets into the corner of the stadium and directly slides and attacks the bey.The position of the other bey doesn't matter.

Hell Throw:The bey moves into the middle of the stadium.The tip changes to Defense Sharp so that it can maintain stamina.If a bey attacks,then the spikes of the Hades wheel firmly catches the fusion wheel of the other bey,and moves it along with its rotation.Then,finally lets go.This ability lowers the stamina of the other bey to a very meager state,at which,the attacks are not effective at all.

Destructive Arrows:The bey comes into Eternal Wide Defense Tip.Must be noticed this tip speeds up the bey.Now,with the help of the tip,the bey moves in a circular fashion and the speed helps to make illusions of the bey.Gradually,the bey comes down slowly.Since,the bey already continues to move like that,there is no way the other bey can pass it,or fly into the sky.So,when in the centre,it attacks the bey and almost cuts its wheel with the help of the Attila wheel.

Stamina Reborn:The tip changes to Eternal Defense Sharp.With every strike it faces from now ,the bey will receive some amount of stamina.The ability continues till 5 attacks are played.Then,the bey has almost stamina even greater than when launched.

Due to high-level abilities,the four are enough,for if ten,the beybattle would have been completely in this bey's side.

Special Move:

Atomic Flare:The bey creates a downcast tornado with the help of the wings.The beast of the bey appears.The bey now climbs up.When it had reached sufficient height,it dives with a great backward force again made by the wings.The bey is covered up with fire and looks like a fireball.If this move is not taken,then the bey continues to attack like this till it has made two strikes upon the face.

CrossFire:The bey now comes into Eternal Defense Sharp tip.It receives in a circular fasion along the stadium.Then,the beast comes out.A tornado like thing surrounds it,coloured red and the height is just above the face.If now,this bey attacks or is attacked,the opponent's bey will be destroyed,this is the power of this bey.

It should be noted that Crossfire also cannot be blocked or dodged.