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The wiki is just about Beyblades. Everyone is welcome to create their beys with their own imagination and register it at the Registration Board. So why wait? Create your Bey and join the great Beybattles right away! (after making sure you've registered it :P)
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Blazing Core Dragon U:S Owned by Sun Blaze. It is one of the most powerful Beys in the Universe. It is an Ultimate Stamina type bey and the main bey of Sun Blaze. It has evolved from God Fighter U:D. The beast has changed though, but the element is Fire, which was of Delta Shadow M:V:C and also of Blazing Shadow U:L. This beast holds a power, different from any other beys owned so far by Sun. It is a Stamina type Bey, but has extremely well Attacking power. This Bey's evolution took place when Sun was Beybattling with Alex Dragneel. This Bey obeys its master's command and moves like butter, in a smooth way.

For more, check Blazing Core Dragon U:S

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Featured Character
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Alex Dragneel (アレックス) was one of the most powerful bladers. His bey was Alpha Burning Dragon Knight X:S but now, it is owned by Zeus. He was a true Rival of Eternity, and was known as "The Dragon Slayer". To learn more about the reigining protagonist, click Meet with The Dragon Slayer!

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Sun Blaze entry

"Don't mess with me. I have lost my true friend, and now, its really gonna hurt bad!" Meet The Fire Lord!

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