This Bey has got the Best Bey of the Month March 2013 Award
Blackhole Herculeo A:S:D
Warp drive
Beast Name Herculeo
Type Attack
Beast Type Darkness

Blackhole Herculeo is a Attack type beyblade that is owned by Chao in the upcoming series of Beyblade-Crystal Clash. It used to be Fusion Herculeo until it burst by a giant meteor that hit the bey causing it to burst and the fragments creating Blackhole Herculeo. It is the last Herculeo evolution in it's evolution chain. This is a Universal Level Beyblade.Also because this bey was made from a dying star it has unimaginable abilities.R

Level 5

Launcher: Black Beserker

A Black left spin launcher. It is the strongest left spin launcher made especially for Attack types that spin left. It has the power equal to all launchers combined x50. 

Facebolt: Herculeo

The facebolt depicts Hercules which is one of the constellations in the sky. The Herculeo facebolt is printed on. The background is a dark grey while the foreground is a pure black. Herculeo also depicts one of the Greek demigods/gods named Hercules who was one the sons of Zeus. He is famous for his incredible strength and unimaginable feats.

Energy Ring: Herculeo

It is again Herculeo's Energy Ring that is transluscent with multi-coloured stickers. Mainly having purple, pinks, and blue. It also depicts Hercules/Hercales and the Nemean Lion.

Fusion wheel: Blackhole

Blackhole is a very circular but strong Fusion wheel. It is made from Titanium and Vulcan Rubber. The rubber sits on the Titanium which re-inforces it so the rubber won't fly off. It can also spin-steal with left spinning beys. The Titanium comes out so it can also be used for battle. It has 3 nubs which come out for attacking. 

4D Tip: A:S:D

A:S:D (Atomic Sacred Drive) is a 4D tip that is much like X:D. It has 3 tips comprised in it. These are the tips: SF (Spiral/Sharp Flat), RHF (Rubber Hole Flat) and WWD (Wave Wide Defense). SF is a very useful tip. It is a S tip, a HF tip, and a F tip combined. It is also black. RHF is a HF tip combined with a black R tip. WWD is in black. 

Special Moves

Gravity Mode v50.0: A mode surrounded with dark aura and is Unstoppable! It is the meaning of darkness. It feeds of the Gravity in the place for Gravity Mode to work so this means the more Gravity the stronger Gravity Mode is. But as it feeds of the Gravity it replaces the enviroment's Gravity by using waste or excess power. Also it allowsfor no negatives. Finally it can stop the flow of Gravity or any force effortlessly. Nothing can mess this Mode!

Light Cruncher: Destoys half of a beyblade with pure darkness. It compresses the whole area to a tiny amount making it Unmissable! (In rare occasions it destroys the whole bey).

Spin Engulfer: Engulfs spin and (sometimesstops the opponent's bey. Also gives more stamina to the user by seeping the power of the opponents bey to the user's.

Light Cruncher Spin Engulfer Joint Special TKO Move: Light Crucher and Spin Engulfer is used in the same time and it (slightly) powers up other moves and abilites of the tea that used the move. This Move is Unmissable!

Gravity Mode Slammer: Strongest special move of Blackhole Herculeo. Gravity Mode Herculeo slams the opponent  bey and destroys it. This move is Unmissable!


Stealth: Invisible in the dark.

Important Notes

Damage: No beyblades other than The Reaper Line, The Pegasus line, Aqua Shark, The Tempo Line, God Fighter and Immortal Titanium Knight can destroy this bey.