During a beybattle,a blader must abide by the following rules,if not followed,it can result in a permanent bann.Following are the rules:

1. A Refree is always to be present during beybattles.If bladers battle without them,it is considered as a practise battle,not an official battle.

2. The bladers must always follow what the refree says.They must not show anguish if some time is taken.

3. After every move,a blader is to wait 1 min(for the comment of the refree).Else,the move is not counted.

4. The outcome totally depends upon the refree,for which rudeness is not allowed if lost.

5.To play Special Move and Abilities,users will receive a Private Message.The moves cannot be played before that.

6.Using Caps is not allowed during beybattles,as Caps signify rudeness.