The Bladers of Eternity are the bladers to protect the Seven Gems of Eternity. There are 7 of them,they have special abilities. No one can defeat them,unless they fight each other.They need to destroy Diabolos when he was more powerful after his death.There are 3 leaders leading this group.

Name of the Blader Bey Power Gem
Zero Kurisutaru (Leader) Heaven Pegasus X:F:D Water Diamond
Zeus (Leader) Immortal Titanium Knight CXE:DDD Lighting Ruby
Shiji Freedom Eagle V:W Tornado Amethyst
Ray Maxel Garstomp ROTFL Wind Lapis Lazuli
Madoka Immortal Titanium Reaper CX:DD N/A Opal
Kiro Blaze Phantom Wolf HBD Fire Emerald
Kai Blade (Leader) Diamond Crystalizer F:D Earth Topaz