Blaze Mamba S:D
Beast Name Mamba
Type Balance
Beast Type Resonance
Blaze Mamba is a Balanced-type bey owned by Rick123. R

Facebolt: Mamba

Mamba despicts a snake, it shows a a green snake in the middle, and it is colored brown as the background.

Energy Ring:Mamba

A complete round, Energy ring with a snake scales for extra defense for any beys, that attacks it from above. due to the scales it is heavier then other energy rings

Fusion Wheel:Blaze

PC Frame: A ressemblance of Scythe Kronos PC frame but Thicker and Bulkier and it's shaped more like a Snake, it is able to change mode to Stamina (free-spin) or Attack (locked). Core: A 50mm in diameter wheel, it has a Strong Ressemblance of the Dark wheel and the Blitz wheel, it has the spikes around it that acts like a blade. for extra attack. and by twisting the PC Frame it is able to switch from Attack to Stamina. It is colored in Red.

4D Performance Tip:Steel Change

A 145mm in height, with ressemblance of AD145 but Made out of Snake Scales for extra Defense.Steel Drive acts like D:D that, is able to Switch to other tip, but S:D's are able to switch to MF,MS,MB. It is able to switch Tips when commanded, It is colored in Pure Silver.

Special Moves

Flame Charge: Mamba creates sparks from it's Metal Tips, and charges towards the opponent making Mamba itself covered in Flames to attack the opponent. (Mamba is unaffected by flames due to the scales). Flame Scales: Mamba covers itself with the Sparks that then turns into a Flame shield around Mamba itself, due to it's scales.

Flame Fang: Just Like Flame Charge but Mamba Barrages the Opponent with great speed, and power.

Flame Smash :It burns up and attack his opponents.

Flame Camo :It camo itself from attacks.

Snake Canon: Mamba's Spirit arises as it shoots out a number of Flame Canon's for it's mouth towards the opponent.

Flame Snake:Mamba becomes a giant Snake covered with flame, to attack it's opponents, as soon as the flame touches the opponent's bey, they'll slightly touches them into decaying and breaking apart.