Blazing Core Dragon U:S
300px-BT02-031EN R
Beast Name Dragneel
Type Stamina
Beast Type Attack
Level 5

Red Volcano Dragneel is an ultimate Stamina type bey and the main bey of Sun Blaze.It has evolved from God Fighter U:D.The beast has though changed,but the element is fire which was of Delta Shadow M:V:C and also of Blazing Shadow U:L.This beast holds a power,different from any beys owned so far by Sun.It is of stamina type,but has extremely well attacking strength.This bey's evolution took place when Sun was having a beybattle with Alex Dragneel.The bey obeys its master's command and moves like butter,in a smooth way. R

Facebolt:Core Dragon


The Face on this Beyblade depicts Draco, it is the Latin word for "dragon" and one of the 88 constellations in space.The colour of the facebolt is the mixture of orange and golden,making it shine brightly.The top of th facebolt is covered by spikes of very small height of rubbber coloured red and between are diamond particles.The under that is the base portion of the bey is made of titanium.So,the overall weight of the face is quite heavy and due to this,the bey has a very good balance and a defense.

4D Energy Ring:Core Dragon V2

The energy ring is shaped like a throwing blade with two sharp sides.Possibly,because it is made of metal and not any exceptional material,this provides normal damage.The colour of the ring is golden with black spots visible,shaped like some jaws.However,beneath is a rolling round thing which lies above the PC Frame.This thing has some ball like structures made of an alloy of diamond and magnet.This provides some good movement by the command of Sun.As for,if close,they can get attached to this and stop spinning and if somehow managed to spin,then shall lose stamina automatically because of the diamond.

PC Frame

The PC Frame of the bey is made of red colour.It is made in the shape of the wings similar to the shpae of the energy ring of Cosmic Pegasus F:D.It is made of pure rubber on sideways and up-base and provides extremely heavy spin-stealing power.At the down-base,it is made of thin sheet of asbestos that brush of the attacks with great speed.

Volcano Frame

The Volcano Frame is made up of solid and thick layer of iron.It is coloured like flash of lightning , bright desert-lemon yellow with orangish and reddish touch.It provides extreme level of defense and and balance.

Blaze Frame

The Blaze Frame is made up of an alloy of rubber and metal.They are in the shape of three spikes.And in the between of them lie another three spikes of smaller height made of normal rubber.They provide well offense and good defense. No exception in the under or below portion.


The core is shaped like the jaws,coloured normal read,and as they lie below the energy ring,practically,they look like fire which is glowing.The jaws are upward pointed and the points are made of metal so that they can defend the bey from upward attacks.

4D Fusion Wheel:Core Dragon V5

The fusion wheel of the bey has 3 sub wheels.And 2 Frame wheel.These frame wheels cover the 3 sub wheels.They are shaped like the wings and there are 4 wings in the wheel.Betweem each of them juts out a dragon head.They are not very heavy and just a little more than the energy ring.

Sub 4D Fusion Wheel:Destroyer

This Destroyer wheel is shaped like the shield of a warrior.It is coloured dark yellow,somewhat golden.Under the shield,are two sword like structures which help during attacks.The whole thing is made of an alloy of iron and diamond,probably making it best for both defense and offense.The shield is thick as much the Earth wheel is,and has some carvings over them,shaped like fire.Moreover,as it lies on top,this can help the bey to tolerate some attacks of great strength.

Sub 4D Fusion Wheel:Racer

The sub-wheel Racer is a speed-based wheel.It is not very much thin,as most of it is hidden along the below wheel,so it seems to be thin.Actually,its weight is not very heavy.It is made of sheets of bronze,coloured pale red.There are some wing-like attachments on the wheel which help the bey to speed up.In the between,there is a gear-like thing,which pulls air towards it.In this way,the bey can speed and fasten up. ===Sub 4D Fusion Wheel:Atla-cano The Atla-Cano wheel is a thick but normal weighing wheel.It has such a unique name Atla-cano since it depicts both water and fire elemental powers.This wheel can generate and jut out real water and fire around the bey.It hides most of the portion of the Racer wheel.Its is coloured pure Golden with a touch of blue on it.

4D Performace Tip:U:S

The Performance Tip U:S stands for Ultra Standard Stamina-Balance.It is made of metal.And there are 6 tips inside it.That is why it is named so.The tips are made of diamond of high quality.This helps to carve out the stadium and trap the bey.The tips stored are Wide Defense,Sharp,Defense Sharp,Eternal Wide Defense,Eternal Sharp,Eternal Defense Sharp.These tips give the bey a good amount of stamina plus balance along with it.The tip can be changed anytime,even at the last moment of spinning.

Launcher:Red Fire Claw

Red claw

This launcher is an extreme attack level launcher.The bey is loaded through the back.Below there is a level indicator.As the indicator reaches maximum,the bey is shot out from the wrist guard of the armor-like launcher.It gives very good speed and attack power to the bey.

Engine Gear:MG

Engine gear

The Multiple Gear is wind type gear that helps to gather wind and create fire tornados.It lies in the Racer wheel.It looks thick but is not so.It is like 0.2 cm in width.


Burning Edge:The bey uses the Atla-cano wheel to split fire around itself.Then it creates a tornado out of it with the help of the gear.Then the tornado's mouth bends and gradually falls into the other bey.Then Core Dragon rides up the tornado and directly strikes the opponent's bey as nothing can interfere.

Crimson Sphere:The bey creates around itself a very huge ball of fire.And then the ball starts to rotate with the same speed of the bey with the gear's power.Then it begans to attack the other bey in this sort of form.Since the temperature is very high around the bey about 299 degree celsius,if any part of the sphere is touched,then the other bey will start to melt.

Grand Fire:The bey discharges fire.Then with the help of EWD tip,speeds up and leaves a fire circle around the stadium.Then it climbs up the fire in a horizontal manner and jumps to attack from one side to another in an opposite vrtical form.So,the facebolt of this bey brushes the other bey.In this way,it is managed to spin-steal and damage the opponent's bey.

Mystic Rush:They bey receives a large amount of stamina as long as it is not attacked.And if attacked,upto 7 attacks,the bey receives even larger amount of stamina.In this move,the other bey also receives the most least amount of stamina.

Due to high-level abilities,these four are enough,else the winning side would be gurranteed to this beyblade.

Special Moves:

The End:The bey creates a fusion ball of fire and water,or singly fire,or singly water which is necessary.And also a wind tornado circles that ball.Then the bey goes to the sky.As it rises up,then the tornado strikes the stadium and there is no way out to the escape.Then the bey dives down.The ball gets bigger and bigger as it strikes down.Then it strikes the bey of the opponent and completely makes it stop spinning or breaks it if possible.This move can't be dodged,nor can be defensed.It can only be broken by return attack,and attacks which are less powerful are reversed to that bey.

As there is only 1 special move of this bey of high damage,this move can be used 2 times in a battle.