Blazing Shadow U:L
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Beast Name Shadow
Type Ultimate
Beast Type Resonance
As we already know Shadow was/is an immortal bird which died but again lived.Blazing Shadow is a bey that is evolved from Delta Shadow.When Eartheagle2987 was battling against zeus, both of them used their unlimited power and Delta Shadow evolved. This time it has even more power than before.All of its parts has evolved into some incredible part.It can't destroy Immortal Titanium Reaper CX:DD.R


Facebolt: Shadow II

The facebolt depicts The face of eagle and the two wings of it.The facebolt is made of steel(full) and has special chemicals in it that creates fire(not fanatasy,real).It also have some portions of rubber inside it that helps the bey for incredible smash attacks.Not only this ,it's facebolt is able to mode-change!At first the outside part is steel and inner part is rubber.But when it changes mode the rubber comes out and the steel goes in.This is one of its main adavantage

4D Energy Ring: Shadow II

The energy ring is the heaviest of all ever known in past.he Energy Ring is a three-sided wheel with a horn on it and has sun panels on each horn to store sun energy. The ring, along with the Shadow Frame to have its own rotation to deflect and redirect the opponent to its advantage. The ring also has a generator which creates an endless supply of fire(mixed with lightning) to use. The sun energy that the sun panels absorbs can be released to ignite the very air around it to deplete the opponents spin by spinning faster and faster. The ring is black and golden in colour with fire-coloured horns.

4D Fusion Wheel: Thunderstorm

Shadow Frame

The Shadow Frame, as it name says, is shaped like the wings of a phoenix which wraps around the wheel. The frame has a generator which generates fire when spinning. The fire can be released at any time during a battle to strike the opponent. The lightning can form a shield around the bey to protect itself. The lightning comes out of the end of the wings for a steady release so the Bey won't be shocked by the lightning. The frame can absorb lightning strikes by using something called "Lightning Rod", a ability which exsists in the frame, which makes the Bey reveal rubber under its horns to absorb and channel the lightning to use to its full advantage during a battle.

Thunder Frame

The Thunder Frame is a frame with several lightning bolts which each has its own rotation, meaning that each lightning bolt has its own spin and can redirect attacks from any direction. The frame also has holes in it to release lightning from the generator inside it. The lightning released will automatically attack the opponent. The sharp edges on the frame are good for barraging and attacking an opponent.PC FrameThe PC Frame has three wings on it which spins freely around the wheel to allow air to flow around the bey by redirecting the air using three holes on each wing to gain more stamina over the battle. The PC Frame also has sun panels on it to store sun energy which will then flow out through the three holes in the frame to ignite the very air around it to create a flame shield. The flowing air also comes from the tip to create a small tornado to attack the opponent and also ride on it to go at higher speeds.


The Core has a gear-like appearance with 5 small spikes used to barrage smaller opponents and to protect itself from uppercuts. The Core can also be used to grip to the arena if knocked off balance to keep itself from a sleep out.

Engine Gear

The engine gear can only be fit to this bey.Though the bey is right rotating the engine gear rotates left which helps it to spin steal.

4D Performance Tip: Ultimate Lightning (U:L)

The U:L tip has six wings on it, each with a hole on them. The holes are used to guide the fire from the Thunder Frame to the arena floor to shock the opponent. The wings also generates down force to gain a extra boost of stamina due to the air flowing around it. The holes in which the fire comes out from can also be merged with the air to create a lightning gust to defend itself or to attack opponents. The lightning gust can also be freely controlled by the Bey at anytime. The tip on the bottom is a metal sharp, bulkier and faster version of B.D. with incredible speed and mobility so that it can both attack and evade attacks fast. The tip is transculent black in colour.

Transformation Final Fire Strike: The transformation allows Shadow to reach its full power and attacks the opponent untill they are completely destroyed. Earth and Shadow will become one and attack with all their might. This move makes Shadow a lot more powerful and rapidly barrages the opponent.

Transformation Move: High Voltic Destruction

Shadow's beast jumps into the air, then it splits into thousands of lightning balls which are all fired at the opponent, then ends with a bang and several lightning strikes. This moves is extremely risky and dangerous to use, so it may only be used when it is absolutely needed. It also needs an extreme amount of power to work properly. The move may drain the Bladers energy due to the large amount of power and energy required to use this move.

Special Moves

SUPER CHARGE: Shadow powers up itself with lightning, then shocks the opponent.Air Blade: Shadow creates blades of air from its tip, then merges them with fire and shoots them at the opponent.Air Deflection: Shadow creates a air barrier that deflects the opponent.

LIGHTING BURST: Shadow charges up lightning, then barrages the opponent while shocking them.Flame Dash: Shadow powers itself with fire from the PC Frame and dashes at the opponent

XTREME DIVE: Shadow jumps into the air, then dives at the opponent.

HORN ATTACK: Shadow charges up lightning, then rams the opponent.Thunder Vortex: Shadow creates a large tornado, then charges it with lightning and the tornado then sucks the oponent into it.

PIERCING HORN COSMIC LIGHTNING STORM: By using the air flow from its tip, Shadow creates a small tornado. It then combines the tornado with fire created from the PC Frame to create a powerful tornado which traps the opponent in place while the tornado damages them, decreasing thier spin. Shadow then begins to power up itself with lightning. Then, shadow's beast arises and fininshes the move by covering its horn with lightning and then pierces the opponents beast.