Chao Eucliffe
200px-Rogue Cheney GMG
Vital statistics
Title The Shadow Emperor
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Rivals of Eternity/The 4 Seasonal Bladers
Health Good
Level Unlimited
Status Administrator
With the help of my friends, you will finally meet your nightmare. And we will protect, fight and sacrifice ourselves till the end of time.

—Chao Eucliffe

Chao Eucliffe is an upredictable and witted blader. He seeks his past. He owns the dark and mystical Doomsday Dragon D:X:D. He is known as the Shadow Emperor. He has crossed paths with enemies and friends helping him remember his past. Before going into his foster family he became friends with Toru Xedus. He also has a long-lost twin brother which he meets later. His twin's name is Sting Eucliffe.


He wears a a long sleeved grey shirt, a brown overcoat, a brown and red kilt, metal shin guards and brown shoes. He has long black hair.


Chao may seem unfriendly, but truth be told, he is the exact opposite of that. Sometimes he can go to a blind rage  because he can't find out about his past. But he will never give up. Chao is also very unpredictable and wise while in a beyblade match.


Sun Blaze: Rival/Friend

Neron: Rival/Friend

Toru Xedus: Rival/Friend

Alex Dragneel: Rival/Friend

Zero Kurisutaru: Friend

Softynervous: Friend

Zeus: Rival/ Friend

Gray Fullbuster: Rival/Friend