To avoid getting kickbanned in chat, you must follow these rules:


  1. There is no rules not to spam, but spamming unnecessarily should be avoided.
  2. No Cussing
  3. No asking about Personal things (like age, gender etc.) unless for some valid reason
  4. Everyone should follow these rules
  5. No exception for ChatMods and Admins
  6. There must be 2 warnings if you break a rule 3rd one will cost you a kickban or a ban for 24 hours.
  7. No one shall insult anyone in a bad way.
  8. If having problems do not hesitate to tell the mods and admins.

Admins and ChatMods

  1. No unnecessary Spamming
  2. No unnecessary Kicking or Banning
  3. No unnecessary making people Chatmods
  4. No unnecessary warnings.

How to achieve ChatMod or Admin status

To achieve ChatMod status you must have atleast 300 edits, or if you win a tournament in this wiki. To achieve Admin rank you must have atleast 500 edits. After you have the specific amount of edits, you can let an Admin know that you have right amount of edits. The Admin will then make you that status.