It all started on a day Chao was having a beyblade match with Harry's Blaze Striker. Chao knew he wasn't able to beat a 4D bey. But suddenly a change occured. Destruction Herculeo vanished in a flash of light. A new bey came out of no where striking Striker out of the stadium. Chao let his arm out to check if a evolution happend. The new beyblade jumped to his hand. He then carefully and slowly examined the bey while realizing it was a bey called Cyber Herculeo 105R2F.R

Level 1

Launcher: Rev-Up launcher

Just a normal rev-up launcher. It is black however.

Facebolt: Herculeo

Just a normal Herculeo facebolt. The Herculeo is golden while the background is white.

Energy Ring: Herculeo

Still Herculeo although now it is black and white.

Fusion Wheel: Cyber

Just a normal Cyber wheel although this one is painted white.

Spin Track: 105

A normal 105 Spin Track but it's golden.

Tip: R2F

Again a normal R2F tip. The Rubber is white and the rest is golden.