Destiny Striker D:D:X
Ray Striker Sym
Beast Name Striker
Type Attack
Beast Type Destiny

Destiny Striker was owned by Neron. As you should know his previous bey was called Fury Striker an attack type bey. Destiny Striker is also an attack type bey. Not only an attack type bey it is a left spinning bey. It all started on a beautiful day when in a sudden he felt that he had a bad feeling of giving his bey to repair and clean. He just didn't know why but as he reached the International Bey Repairing Shop (IBRS) he found his Striker. He asked the person what happened to his bey because it looked different. The person who repaired it said "Well I don't know either, all I remember was a big flash from your bey and all of a sudden it changed. Well tell you what that it is possible your bey had evolved." Then Neron felt so happy that he didn't feel this feeling in his life. Then the person who had repaired Neron's bey he said oh yes after identifying the bey your holding it's actually called Destiny Striker D:DX same as Destiny Striker Destiny Drive and it is an attack type bey.R

Level 3

Launcher: Power of Destiny

This launcher is a specific launcher for attack types and left spinning bey. This is because this launcher shoots or lets the bey go in a different spinning speed to other beys. Because it goes a specific spin speed it really helps a bey with Destiny and D:DX.

Facebolt: Striker

The facebolt depicts one of the 88 constellation in space. This facebolt is more detailed and it is like Striker's facebolt but more like an updated version. It has a picture of Striker facebolt with the sword/horn of Striker which has lightning coming out.

Energy Ring: Striker

Destiny Striker's energy ring goes in a circular motion. There are three spikes and three lightning strikes on the energy ring. The spikes help the bey in attack. Also when a bey does an attack from above the air the bey who attacked would actually damage itself because of the spikes and lightning strikes on the energy ring.

4D Fusion Wheel: Destiny

The 4D fusion wheel is called Destiny. This fusion wheel is really good at air smacks and uppercuts leaving the bey in a sleep out but mostly stadium out. The 4D fusion wheel can change modes if you turn the 4D frame upside down for slash attack mode and if you put the 4D frame at the bottom of the fusion wheel it is called barrage mode. Slash attack mode works because when the bey is flying in the air the 4D frame lets the bey do more damage to the opponent.

4D Tip: D:DX

4D Track:The 4D tip is called D:DX wich also stands for Destiny DriveX (D:DX). This is spin track has rubber attached to it which enables it to absorb but only if it is in absorb mode. It has two small balls which all the energy of the opponent is sucked in. 

Absorb Mode- More of the rubber is been showed so it can absorb more. Also due to the left spin it can absorb most beyblades 

Attack Mode- No rubber is shown because it is hidden under the fusion wheel (Destiny) and more plastic is more shown. 

4D Tip: The 4D tip has a plastic all around but the edge is covered with rubber. The plastic can move to Flat mode and Sharp mode.

Special moves

Destiny Overdrive- The bey goes crazy and flies out of the stadium then in the air it creates flames. With the flames the bey comes down and attacks with outstanding power and at the same time it has flames protecting the bey.

Flare Destiny Strike- When this move has been called out the bey will restore half of the damage taken by opponent/opponents and flies in the air with its horn in flare which then comes down striking any bey it sees. Also it protects itself by the ball of flame which the bey is inside also it creates a big explosion crashing any bey.


This bey has only two amazing abillities. They are:

1) Extremespeed- When called out this ability the beyblade will rise their speed and attack constantly.

2) Vanish- When called out this ability the beyblade can disappear in any moment and dodge the attack this is unbreakable because it gathers all the air around it as a cloak of protection.


This bey has one mode and that is:

1) Destiny Mode- The bey creates his own world of destiny and it is controlled by the bey which opened it it can not be broken or be disturbed such as any gravity change because the controller can only change gravity. This move is completely unbreakable unless if the bey runs out of stamina.