One day there was a hurricane of beyblades. From that day on, there was a place named the sea of beys where you would get your first bey. So one day a small boy named Chao went to the sea of beys where he picked up Destruction Herculeo 100RF. From that day on, his life and destiny has been changed forever. Destruction Herculeo is an Attack type bey.R

Level 1

Launcher: Light Launcher 2

Just a generic Light Launcher 2. But the colour scheme is red and blue with Herculeo printed on it.

Facebolt: Herculeo

Herculeo is blue and red facebolt. The foreground is the face of' Herculeo that has a photo taken from it's side and is dark blue. The background is a dark red that is almost a maroon. Herculeo is one of 88 constellations.' It 'represents a Greek demigod.

Energy Ring: Herculeo

It is just a Herculeo energy ring but now it is Red and Blue.

Fusion Wheel: Destruction

Again extremely straight forward. It is a circle fusion wheel that is bulged out. the inside going in so the energy ring and facebolt sits nicely inside. the bottom is very flat. It is short.

Spin Track: 100

The third smallest track. 100 is reliable for uppercuts. Along with the short fusion wheel and circular energy rings this works great. This is transluscent white in colour.

Tip: RF

RF is a flat tip made entirely out of rubber. It grips on to the stadium floor nicely and is very powerful and aggressive. The rubber is blue while the other plastic parts are red.