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Diabolos is the main antogonist of Beyblade:Crystal Legends, he is actually Zeus in his Dark Side. He is a Crystn one and he represents Hades. He owns bey Immortal Reaper C:D, and he is the father of Nemesis.He was still resurrected after Zero killed him.His future bey is still Immortal Reaper C:D.


When the Legend Bladers's Ancestors went to kill his son-Nemesis, he went to stop them. But he was killed by the Galactic Bladers's Ancestor before he could save his son. But, when he died, an unknown piece of dark star fell on him and he got back some life and vowed to kill the Galactic Bladers during the Total Eclipse.


Diabolos wears a plain black robe with a collar in an upper position and black pants. He wears a golden belt to which holds his launcher and a dark bey case on. He wears black gloves which go midway up his arms. He also seems to wear black boots. His hair color is greyish-white and his eyes are a light shade of blue. His robe seems to turn purple and black when he's in his dark form.He wears a thick necklace with a ruby.

Beyblade:Crystal Legends

In Exploring a New Legend

When Zero and Legend was talking down the sidewalk,about seeing Crystals last night,A dark portal was summoned by Diabolos and captured Zeus,after Zeus was captured, he fused with Zeus and become Diabolos.


  • Immortal Reaper C:D (current and resurrected)