Doomsday Dragon D:X:D
Light And Dark Dragon by Kool Mike
Beast Name Light and Dark Dragon
Type Attack
Beast Type Light and Dark

Doomsday Dragon is a Attack type bey that is owned by Chao in the upcoming series Beyblade Crystal-Clash.  It was made by the DNA of two Dragons: Light Dragon and Dark Dragon. It was forged by elfen blacksmithes who were the best and strongest blacksmiths a millenium ago. This beyblade is a Left-Spin bey.R

Level 4

Launcher: Unwanted Destruction

This launcher is a Left-Spin Launcher that is specifically made for Doomsday Dragon. It can let go of a bey so fast that the bey will spin in near the Mach 5. 

Facebolt: Dark Dragon

This Facebolt is black in color with Dark Dragon in gold. This Facebolt grants powers of Electricity. This Facebolt is also made out of TitaniumThis Facebolt can only be used with Doomsday Dragon!

Energy Ring: Apocalypse

This energy ring is orange and blue in color. It enhances the power of Electricity that the Facebolts grant. On one side it has blue designs of Electricity and Doomsday DragonThis Energy Ring can only be used with Doomsday Dragon!

Fusion Wheel: Doomsday

Doomsday is a extremely offensive Fusion Wheel. It has 4 Spikes made from Nth Metal (a metal that bestows magical elements) which, again, power-up the powers of Electricity. The gaps between 2 Spikes are made from Vulcan Rubber (the strongest rubber known to man). The Fusion Wheel also has orbs of Electricity. These orbs can create different hazards and traps such as: Lightning Bolts and Electricity BallsThis Fusion Wheel can only be used with Doomsday Dragon!

4D Tip: D:X:D (Doom Xtreme Drive)

D:X:D has 2 modes: Defense Mode and Attack ModeDefense Mode uses a giant Metal Ball for maximized defense. This does deflect any attack. Attack Mode uses XRF (Xtreme Rubber Flat) that let's a very slippery substance that turns sticky instantly so the bey can move to another part of the stadium very fast and if the opponent's bey crossed paths with this bey, there bey is going to get stuck. This 4D Tip can only be used with Doomsday Dragon!

Special Moves

Doom Mode: A Mode where all negatives effects do the contrary. This also powers-up all Special Moves. Nothing can disrupt this Mode!

Extreme Hazard: Creates different hazards such as Lightning Bolts and Electricity Balls.