'Emperor Ryu'kendo is an ultimate bey which was preserved under Pacific Ocean for almost 100 years.After this Softynervous by name became its one and only owner.The full power of the bey can destroy almost everything around it.But it can't destroy Immortal Titanium Reaper CX:DD
  • Facebolt:Rykendo


The facebolt depicts the picture of ryukendo's helmet .The facebolt is made of metal (90%) and rubber (5%) and magnet (5%).As it is made of so many things it becomes even heavier than 2 normal 4d beys

4d energy ring;Ryukendo

The energy ring is made up of full metal and have 1000 tiny rubber spikes in it.It helps it to spin steal (even greater than 1000 meteo l drago) and inside the rubber spikes are 2000 magnet screws and with all that parts fitted to its enrgy ring it becomes the heaviest.

4d fusion wheel:Ryukendo

The wheel is more shaped like the sword of ryukendo.And it is as sharp as the sword that is it can destroy the bey which attacks it or touches it.And with all that much weight it cannot even budge ,not even vy itself just sets in middle of the stadium and no bey is able to move it.

4d metal frame

This metal frame has special chemicals in the middle portion of it and the inner portion is too made of magnet which even heaviers the bey very much.According to all this bey is the heaviest in the whole universe.

4d performance tip:Steel Drive

This tip is made up of steel which helpls to maintain its stamina though it is so much heavy.Inside the tip is fitted a very small but a futerestic engine gear.Though the bey spins only right, the engine gear spins left. That helps it to spin steal

Special moves


A sword attack by which no bey can escape and this move can destroy the bey.This move can be used 1 time in only one battle

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