Flare Draco F:D
Fire dragon
Beast Name Draco
Type Defence
Beast Type Fire and Time

This bey is a new final evolution of the time element bey Tempo. It is owned by Toru in the upcoming series Beyblade Crystal Clash. After Toru's last battle with Alex, Tempo teleported to it's time portal since it was close to being destroyed. While regaining energy, an error occured of Tempo fusing with a dragon's soul yo combine into one bey. This made it's energy even more powerful and it made it into a new state ' Eternal Flare Draco'. Since it became more powerful, it then returned to Toru Xedus since it regained it's energy while in it's new form. This bey is an unstoppable bey as it's power is unmatchable by any other bey. Since this bey is very powerful, it would take years for someone to bond with this bey. Although this bey focusses on the element fire, this bey may involve some power of time. 

Level 4

Launcher: Scorch Xtreme Launcher

This launcher can only launch Flare Draco as Draco's energy ring is structured in a way that no other bey has. This is 10 times stronger than Tempo's last launcher. It launches the bey in a blinding speed to let Draco have a full amount of stamina when in battle.

Facebolt: Draco

This facebolt depicts Draco which is one of the 88 constellations in the sky. It features a dragon surrounded in flames.

Facebolt fire dragon

Facebolt of Flare Draco

Energy Ring: Draco

This energy ring (Draco) is quite amazing as it is only compatible with the launcher (Scorch Xtreme Launcher). It holds amazing power of defence and supports with the fusion wheel into becoming one of the best defence combo. It's made in a parallel way that all the sides feature a blue flame design.  

Fusion Wheel: Flare

This fusion wheel is perfectly balanced in attack,defence and stamina. It features a thick layer of metal with tiny spikes under the fusion wheel so if the opponent's bey try's to uppercut this bey, they will deal damage on themselves. If someone tried to fit a different energy ring to this fusion wheel, this will lead this bey to not using it's full potential of defence. This fusion wheel can also block spin-stealing. It can also be fit with the Eternal fusion wheel leading to unimaginable power,strength and stamina. It is coloured in red.

Sub Fusion Wheel: Eternal

The Eternal fusion wheel is very supporting to the main fusion wheel (Flare) as it has descent power in both attack and defence. It contains spiral in the middle (The Eternal Spiral) which brings this bey in a league where no other ordinary bey can match as the defence would rise in a devastating point. It is connected from the bottom of the Flare fusion wheel.This fusion wheel is in a fiery red colour

4D Tip: E:F:D

E:F:D ( Eteranl Flame Drive) includes two modes attack mode and defence mode. In attack mode, this increases it's attack power and can toss the opponents bey in one special move. In defence mode, this bey increases it's defence power to block an upcomming attack. In both modes this bey features two hooks with a tiny bit of rubber so this bey can absorb even the most strongest of moves.It is coloured in a transperant blue colour.


Spark Absorb: This ability is activated when Draco is hit by a fire move. Draco takes no damage and absorbs the power from the move from the hooks on the 4D tip, to increase the bey's stamina. If the move were to be a different element move, this bey would take a little bit of damage as the fusion wheel (Flare) along with the sub-fusion wheel (Eternal) is thick enough to block any upcoming attacks.

Special Moves :

Dragon Flare Strike: In this move, Flare Draco flies into the sky and comes down in a magma ball and crashes onto the opponents bey.

Draco Meteor: Draco launches a fire ball into the sky which explodes into tiny meteors and launches onto the stadium. This move cannot be dodged as the meteors end up covering the stadium but this move does no harm to Flare Draco.

Fire Wall: Flare Draco spreades a wall of fire by colliding the hooks on the 4D tip on the stadium, this is to block any special move that is coming.

Fire dragon Roar: Draco soars into the air and starts spinning in a extremly fast movement. This makes Draco covered in flames and then releases that energy of flames onto the stadium.

Eternal Cosmo Dragon Blazing Claw: This is Draco's ultimate special move. Draco flies into the sky and comes down in a shape of a dragon. Which then one of it's claws turns into a cosmo blue colour which then draco strikes claw first onto the stadium to cause an massive explosion to everything around it. This move cannot dodged or faced head to head because of it's extraordinary power.