Fear is a pro-defense type bey owned by kai 570.Kai was an archaelogist cum blader and when he was finding something amusing he saw something,something very special indeed.He saw somekind of light and he recieved a bey named Fear.It can't destroy Immortal Titanium Reaper CX:DD


The facebolt depicts the face and one hand of Reaper(almost like l-drago)and a sharp blade of violet colour.This violet colour represents the dark power which is stored inside it and it can only be unlocked by kai570.

4D Energy Ring: Reaper

The energy ring is a transparent green colour and has metal fillings inside it ,which acts like a shield, and there are rubber parts in it too.This energy ring is filled with ancient chemicals which is able to make or create water by itself.This is one of its special charecteristics.

4D Fusion Wheel:Fear

The wheel is the third heaviest of all whells.This wheel has eleven spikes of rubber fitted at the bootom which helps it to spin steal when it rotates very slowly.It has 2 spikes of metal under its rubber portion and this helps to attack suddenly.The metal is invisible and can only be feeled.

4D Performance Tip:B:D

The tip is made up of steel which maintains its stamina and balance

SP Move

DARK MOVE SLASH: This is a special move where it can hit with hard slashes of anti-matter.