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Skyress is an immortal bird and her real soul is stored in a beyblade named Fortess Skyress and it is said anyone who is able to gain and control the bey can get the full power of it.On a volcano it was stored in Muslims;a type of bandage and suddenly i found it and became its only owner.



The facebolt depists skyress,one of the 88 constellations.In this bey the facebolt is made up of metal(half) and rubber(a little part) and  tin (another part left).The facebolt shows the face of skyress and beside it there are two wheels spinning each in opposite direction, that means that the bey can spin in any dirction and change its spin side any time.

4d energy ring

The energy ring has 11 rubber spikes, 20 metal screws,1 plastic claw.And this makes it the heaviest bey ever known in history.Every spikes and claws open anytime and it becomes one hidden attack.The heavy metal srews spin freely and makes the ring heavier than a normal 4d this becomes one of its main advantage.

4d fusion wheel

The wheel has 11 wings and at the middle of it is fitted a magnet and if any bey comes in contact with it ,the bey just connect to it and transfers all its power to it.......and one attack can even make the opposing bey lose or stadium bey except zeus's can escape it.

4d performance tip

The tip is very sharp indeed and it helps the bey to maintain its stamina and using this tip the bey can use even 1000's of special move without losing any kind of stamina

special move

Aqua wind tornado buster attack

This move can destroy even the universe if needed,it cant be even dodged by any bey except zeus's.