God Fighter U:D
Beast Name Fighter
Type Ultimate
Beast Type Legendary

God Warrior U:D is a semi-stamina type bey owned by Earth Eagle 2987.It has the power of fire like before.It is the evolution of Blazing Shaodw U:L.It was evolved while Earth Eagle 2987 was battling with Aqua Shark which is owned by Kyoya Blade X.R

Level 5


The facebolt depicts Warrior's helmet written under it 'God'.It is made of steel which can protect it from the sky-diving attacks of a bey.It's middle portion is made of rubber which helps to spin-steal.

4D Energy Ring:

The enegy ring is shaped like the shield of a knight which can protect it from any attacks.The energy ring has 4 edges-2 edges made of rubber which helps to spin steal and 2 edges made of metal which has great offensive ability.It can be switched into four modes duing one battle:-

(i)Protection Mode

(ii)Fury Mode

(iii)Inferno Mode 

(iv)Finish Mode

The protection mode is used to spin steal and maintain its stamina.During this mode the bey's spin stealing ability including the stamina increases.

During fury mode,the bey releases the spin-stealed power and attacks the opposing bey continuously.When the stealed power is finished it again begins to spin steal using this mode and again attacks the opposing bey.

During inferno mode,the bey's stamina and it's temperature increases to about 1000 degree centigrate.Any bey which comes close to it except the beys who has the power of water.

During the Finish mode,all abilities of the other three modes combine together and destroys the opponent's bey.

4D Fusion Wheel:

The fusion wheel of warrior is shaped like it's sword.It has very sharp edges and this can scratch the other bey's fusion wheel.It is very thick and is black in colou.It can create huge balls of fire and use them for offense.

PC Frame:

The PC Frame is made of metal which represents a warrior's armor.It can protect the bey from smash attacks and from lower attacks.This part is very useful.

Metal Frame:

The metal frame has four parts.Each of the edge of the 4 parts are made of rubber and the frame is made of metal.This can transfer/teleport its low stamina into the other bey and recieve its stamina.

Volcanic Claws:

These claws are made of stone.When the bey starts to generate immense heat,these claws become red in colour and the bey becomes more powerful and attacks the opponent with the help of these claws.These claws are placed under the metal frame.

Lava wall:

The lava wall is made of metal and serves as a wall of defense for this bey and saves it from counter attacks and sometimes from special moves too.

4D Performance Tip:

The tip's shape is similar to Final Drive (F:D) but it is the ultimate form of it i.e. Ultimate Drive (U:B).The tips are also different.It has a wide ball tip and through it goes an wide dfense tip!All the parts including the tips are made of metal.This increases the bey's stamina a lot!

Launcher:Steel Heat

These launcher gives the offensive power which lasts till the last spin of the bey!This launcher is an important part to the bey.

Special Move:

Fireball Storm attack:

The bey creates a huge storm and then it is generated by fire and then the bey's beast come out from that tornado and strikes his sword at the other bey's beast.

Mystic Burst Flame Attack:

This move surrounds the opponent's bey with a force field of fire and generates a lot of heat which destroyes or breaks the bey.


Fire Destruction Arrow Strike:

The bey's beast again comes out and throws a large number of arrows of fire at the opponent's bey if they manage to hit the bey,the bey will explode.

Burning Canon:

The bey dives from the sky and attacks the bey and passes through the middle of it and destroying it.No bey can dodge this attack.


It should be remembered and noted that all the abilities and the special moves cannot be dodged by any other bey except Pegasus and Knight.But these two beys can only dodge the abilities not the special moves.



God Warior


God Warrior inferno mode


God Warrior Fury mode


Protection Mode