Gray Fullbester
250px-Gray Anime S2
Gray preparing for a battle
Vital statistics
Title The Blader of Machine
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction The Rivals of Eternity
Health Good
Level Infinite
Status Chat Moderator
"Sorry,but it doesn't matters if you're a woman or even a child. I don't go easy on anybody who hurts my friend.And I believe,that's my way of Blader!"

                                                                -Gray Fullbester

Gray Fullbester is a new blader known to this world.He is a member of the  Rivals of the Eternity. He owns the legendary bey Machinery Pongal T:Z. As he beat Zeus,he was then popularly known as The Blader of Machine. He is good friends with Alex Dragneel and Sun Blaze.As Alex also helps the Eternity Bladers,Gray also does so without any hesitation.


Gray's most prominent feature is his spiky black-colored hair. He has dark blue eyes, and his body is toned and muscular. He also has a cross-shaped scar on his lower abdomen .His member stamp is below his collarbone on his right pectoral muscle and is dark blue in color.

Unlike almost all other characters, Gray does not consistently wear the same type of clothes (that is, when he is wearing some), though he is often shown wearing some kind of white coat.Still, his most consistent pieces of clothing are his necklace, which resembles a sword with a stone in it, a metal bracelet and a chain which is attached to the belt loops on the right side of his pants.


Gray has a laid-back personality, but will get serious when the time calls for it. He and Alex have a friendly rivalry, and while they can often be seen fighting one another verbally or physically,the two are actually quite concerned about each other. Gray was quite obstinate and reckless when he was younger. Over time, he has attained a more cautious attitude towards life, and deals with problems carefully. He is very concerned about his comrades and is truly loyal towards the guild, but tends to trash talk every now and then.Also, he has a disturbing habit of unconsciously removing his clothes at inappropriate moments.


Gray is a cousin of Alex.He came soon after Alex received his bey and when he found that he had already left,he followed his path.He received his bey on a mountain while travelling.Gray had interest in machines,and so he named it Machinery Pongal and started carrying it.Gradually,he teamed up with the already teamed up Sun and Alex.But he also had to give a test to join the Rivals of Eternity.


Sun Blaze-An important friend and a rival

Alex Dragneel-His cousin and a very good friend

Toru Xedus-One of his best friends

Chao-His friend and rival