Holy Knight H:D
Beast Name Knight
Type None
Beast Type Unknown

Holy Knight H:D is a Celestial, Light, Justice, Astral, and Holy Bey that is a master of the heavens. It is owned by Zeus. Its weakness is Earth, Dark, Underground, Rebellion, or Doom Beys, however these Beys can be overwhelmed if the competing element is stronger. This Bey and the owner can be only encountered if a Blader, have beaten 70 Bladers in one match; the Bey's stats is currently unknown.

Launcher: Celestial Shield

This Launcher is special because the Blader wears a shield and it can launch any Bey with great speed and power, and a 777% boost to each stat.

Facebolt: Knight

Weight: 500 grams

The facebolt Knight, has a picture of a knight's helmet and 6 wings attached at the sides of it, this facebolt has 5 sub-facebolt and the Bey has 5 modes because of its special moves: Celestial, Light, Astral, Justice, and Holy, which makes every part of the Bey have subs. Once the Bey has switched modes, it will automatically change the parts to its mode even at battle.

Sub-Facebolt: Celestial

Weight: 500 grams

If the Bey selects the mode Celestial, the facebolt will change its picture to a sword and 2 wings attached to it on its rearguard, once it had changed to Celestial mode, it will shine in a bluish color for 15 minutes. This mode is only to deal with Earth Beys, meaning to deal with heat, or magma, if the Celestial mode can overwhelm the Earth Beys with its attacks.

Sub-Facebolt: Light

Weight: 500 grams

Darkness can defeat the Celestials with one special move, so the Bey has a Light Mode, to break through the darkness, if only the Light is powerful enough. This facebolt has a picture of a candlestick holding a 3 candles, after it had changed into this mode, the Bey's facebolt will have the candle's flames glow in white for 20 minutes. If this mode have been used, the Bey will give blinding light for a minute.

Sub-Facebolt: Astral

Weight: 500 grams

Light can be blocked by the things that have been throwed from underground, or been destoryed by the force of it, so the Astrals (Planets) have to crush the objects from underground. This facebolt has a picture of Saturn and the sun, fusing together into a new planet, causing a purple glow on the Bey.

Sub-Facebolt: Holy

Weight: 500 grams

The Holy mode is needed when Doom causes destruction of the Astrals, so the Holy Mode is deal with Doom. This facebolt has a picture of a cross, which has two big wings attached on its sides, the cross will shine in a gold color if it senses Doom, this mode is very powerful that every element cannot destroy it.

Sub-Facebolt: Justice

Weight: 700 grams

If Doom wants to stop the Holy, it will use Rebellion to hinder the Holiness from sending its power to destroy Doom, so Justice is used to hinder Doom from destroying Holy, or to clash with Rebellion; the facebolt has a picture of a hand as if it is hitting a surface with a explosion under the hand.

5D Energy Ring: Heavenly

Weight: 500 grams

This Energy Ring is very unique due to its 5 Dimensions, and the Facebolt Heavenly has 4 beacons, and a candle between the beacons on the energy ring, it has 4 Sub-Energy Rings. The Energy Rings has the power of the increased modes or stats if switched to Celestial, Light, Astral, or Holy.

4D Sub-Energy Ring: Celestial

Weight: 250 grams

As soon as the Bey changes into Celestial mode, the Energy Ring will change its color to light blue, and 2 golden wings will be engraved on the ring. The Bey will also have a great increase in Balance, Defence, and Stamina.

4D Sub-Energy Ring:  Light

Weight: 150 grams

The Bey will have a great increase in Speed, and Dexerity; Light mode can also make the Bey jump if being hit to crush a Bey's facebolt, there is no picture for the Energy Ring, however the Ring will shine in a red, and golden color.

4D Sub-Energy Ring: Astral

Weight: 400 grams

Once the Bey changed into Astral Mode, the buffs for the Bey is: having high accuracy when other Beys are zooming as the speed of light. The Ring will be a transparent glass, having inside a ring of dirt mixed with metal, and rock, revolving inside the glass.

4D Sub-Energy Ring: Holy

Weight: 300 grams

The buffs for the Bey when the mode changes into Holy Mode are; Attack, and Defence, and has the ability to unlock 2 Heaven Swords which are present in the 4D Fusion Wheel and has a chance of 33% of hitting a Bey, if hit by Beys 49 times, the Ring will make a golden cross above the Bey. The Ring, has clouds, even some particles of light inside the Ring.

4D Sub-Energy Ring: Justice

Weight: 350 grams

When Justice Mode has been used, the Attack stat will be only emphazied greatly, the Bey will have its tip to be made out of an alloy steel and titanium instead of gold; if the Bey jumps if hit by an explosion the whole stadium will just shake mildly due to the alloy tip; the Ring has a picture of two hands holding a sword.

4D Fusion Wheel: Heaven

Weight: 1 kg

This 4D Fusion Wheel has 5 subs, this Fusion Wheel, has shields around the Wheel, the shields are made of an alloy, of gold, titanium, and steel, which has the great invunerability of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Metal, but once the Bey switches the mode, than the default, it will lose its invunerability of the 4 Elements. The Fusion Wheels are all made of pure gold and titanium. The Fusion Wheels are the Metal Frames for this Bey, because the Bey has 5 modes, it will make it big.

Sub-4D Fusion Wheel: Celestial

Weight: 700 grams

This Sub-4D Fusion Wheel, Celestial, is a bit like Cosmic Pegasus' 4D Fusion Wheel, except this Fusion Wheel, Celestial, has 7 wings encircling the Fusion Wheel. The wings will move in the opposite way when the Bey is moving. Once it had successful clashed with any Bey 7 times, the Bey will spin very fast creating a sky blue color to strengthen the Balance, Defence, and Stamina stats.

Sub-4D Fusion Wheel: Light

Weight: 350 grams

The Sub-4D Fusion Wheel, Light, has 12 light orbs which makes blinding light around the Fusion Wheel, so that if any Bey hits it, that Bey will be stunned for 3 seconds, and has a slight knockback from the Bey. This Sub-4D Fusion Wheel can also make Bey jump, and collide on another Bey, if the Bey encountered a big explosion, or been hit by the tip.

Sub-4D Fusion Wheel: Astral

Weight: 800 grams

The Astral Sub-4D Fusion Wheel is very special, instead of the other Fusion Wheels, that has parts attached on the Fusion Wheels, the parts of this Sub-4D Fusion Wheel, Astral, has 7 rings of rock around the 4D Fusion Wheel, but once the Bey change into another mode than this, the ring of rocks will disappear into thin air.

Sub-4D Fusion Wheel: Holy

Weight: 500 grams

The Holy Sub-4D Fusion Wheel, has 14 Heaven swords pointing opposite from the Bey, the swords can penetrate some Beys' Wheels, Tips, and can even, slice a Bey into half, but it only have 1/100 chance of doing it. The Fusion Wheel, Holy can also vanquish Earth, Dark and Underground Beys easily with 7 hits.

Sub-4D Fusion Wheel: Justice

Weight: 1 kg

The heaviest Sub-4D Fusion Wheel, because the Wheel, Justice, has stored 2 Heaven swords, the swords can come out of the Wheel, if hit by Beys many times. The Fusion Wheel, Justice, has 7 hammers standing attached at the sides of the Wheel, and claws between the hammers.

4D Core: Heaven

Weight: 2 kg

The Main 4D Core of this Bey, Heaven; even though the 4D Fusion Wheels, and the Core, are 4D, they are soaked in a substance which made the alloys of gold and titanium transparent, giving out a silver color under light. The 4D Core, Heaven has spikes, which connects with the shields under it. The Core gives the invunerability to Electricity, Darkness, and Cosmic if the Bey did not switch to other modes.

Sub-4D Core: Celestial

Weight: 1 kg

Celestial, the most favoured Mode when needed to counter the attacks with Earth Beys, this Sub-4D Core, has 24 spears attached under the Sub-4D Core, to defend the Sub-4D Fusion Wheel, Celestial's Wings. Inside this Sub-4D Core, has 7 small spiked balls which are heavy; the spiked balls are released only if another Bey is coming fast at it to strike it.

Sub-4D Core: Light

Weight: 500 grams

Light, a good element for destroying Darkness, this Sub-4D Core is special, because it is made out of Light, it is a ring which attaches under the Sub-4D Fusion Wheel, Light. This Sub-4D Core is good, because when it jumps, it will give a big burst of light to blind Bladers for 2 seconds. However this Ring is weak when attacked under the tip of the Bey, it may make the whole Bey out of the stadium instantly.

Sub-4D Core: Astral

Weight: 1.5 kg

The Mode, Astral, is good for destroying objects from Underground. This Sub-4D Core, Astral is just a 4D Core that is a ring, that connects with the Sub-4D Fusion Wheel, Astral, except this Sub-4D Core have 3 rings of rock around the Bey. This Sub-4D Core also have 7 rocks which encircle the tip of this Bey.

Sub-4D Core: Holy

Weight: 1.4 kg

Holy, the lifesaver for other Elemental Beys from Doom Beys; this Sub-4D Core, Holy, has 12 chains attached at the sides of the Core, reaching down to the tip of the Bey, the chains will only fling if each chain gets hit by other Beys, the chains can also fling by an ability, sometimes.

Sub-4D Core: Justice

Weight: 2 kg

Justice, can easliy vanquish Rebellion in the physical realm, and sometimes the spiritual realm. The Sub-4D Core, Justice, has 4 Mace heads which easily fits with the Sub-4D Fusion Wheel, Justice. The Sub-4D Core, Justice makes the Bey less prone from flying off the stadium by big explosions.

4D Performance Tip:  Heavenly Destiny (H:D)

Weight: 500 grams

This is the default tip when the Bey is first launched. The Bey tip will change into one of its five forms depending on the situation. This tip is balanced in every stat.

Sub-4D Performance Tip:  Flying High (F:H)

Weight: 400 grams

Sub-4D Performance Tip: Blinding Light (B:L)

Weight: 300 grams

Sub-4D Performance Tip: Astralic Plane (A:P)

Weight: 700 grams

Sub-4D Performance Tip: Divine Power(D:P)

Weight: 800 grams

Sub-4D Performance Tip: Divine Justice (D:J)

Weight: 1 kg