Immortal Reaper C:D
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Beast Name Reaper
Type Ultimate
Beast Type Resonance
Immortal Reaper C:D is a Ultimate-Type Beyblade that appears in Beyblade:Crystal Legends and is owned by Diabolos.R



After Zeus was captured by Diabolos,and Diabolos used his dark energy at Zeus,he fused with Zeus and he became dark. When he Became dark, Diabolos didn't need the Dark Piece of star that kept him alive for 10,000 years. So, when Diabolos took out the Dark Star, with Diabolos's evil spirit, it turned into Immortal Reaper C:D.

Facebolt: Reaper

The Facebolt depicts Reaper, which is short of the GRIM REAPER whom people believe is death itself. The facebolt shows a White Skull with Cloak and a Scythe on side of it. It is printed on a Opaque Black Facebolt.

Energy Ring: Reaper

  • Weight: 9.10 grams

The Reaper energy ring contains Solid metal for Extra Weight. It has Two Scythe-Like Protrusions sticking out of it. It also has innumerable designs on it. The speciality of this Energy Ring is that it is the most detailed yet the most balanced Energy Ring ever made. It is designed to fit only on the Immortal Fusion Wheel.

Fusion Wheel: Immortal

  • Total Weight: 64.2 grams

The Immortal Fusion wheel is the best fusion wheel for Balnce type Customizations. It has 4 modes- Attack Mode, Stamina Mode, Defense mode and Immortal Balance mode.

Metal Frame

The Metal frame of Immortal has a unique speciality that no other Metal Frame has. It has a Crystal coating on the inner part of it which gives Immortal Balance and Weight. It is also perfectly rounded.


The Core of Immortal is entirely made of Crystal. It can be used with Immortal's Metal Frame for Mode Changes. There is nothing special about it.

Performance Tip: Crushing Destruction

The C:D performance tip is the best Tip in the world. It can switch into any tip in the whole world. But the colour of the tip is Black in colour. It outclasses X:D in Balance. When not in use, it has no tip, which means it is somewhat of a Hole Flat. But when launched, it's magical powers create a Random tip. When in battle it can switch to any tip b commanding it to.

Special Moves

  • REAPER COMMANDMENT: Reaper commandment is the Ultimate Special move in the world. It uses the Special moves of all the Galactic Bladers to Attack, Defend or Counter-Attack.
  • DIABOLIC DESTRUCTION: Reaper moves around the stadium in a circle and Destroys anything that comes in its way.