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Kyoya x Tategami is the strongest blader owning the bey RA.One .No bey can beat it nor a blader can except Zeus.His power is Fire .He has two modes:



During normal mode he behaves normally and plays in his own way.He is a moody and mysterious person having no care except his bey.He is hard-hearted , practical and shows no mercy.


He was mercy-less destructive blader until one day he lost from The legend bladers.Then he trained very hard and he is still training now in order to become the no.1 blader not only on this wiki but also on yhe world no matter what happens.And now he still cant beat the Legend Bladers however he can beat Zero.


Kyoya wears sometimes a a t-shirt with a locket and sometimes a jacket.He wears brown pants in which he keeps his bey holder and he wears sport shoes and acts like a lion.

During Rage mode:-

During this mode kyoya has no control over his body which lets him to act madly.

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