L-Drago Sapphira
Beast Name L-Drago
Type Attack
Beast Type Stability
This Beyblade implements the Crytal System and comes complete with the new "F:S" 4D Performance Tip, which changing its Performance Tip from HF to S with varying spin velocities. It's "L-Drago Sapphire" Fusion Wheel is also the first to have a Frame that is constructed entirely from a Crystal and a Core which is made completely from Rubber. These parts can be arranged between to two different performance modes with an unique attack option for each: Attack Mode and Absorb Mode.It is owned by Ryuta.R

Face Bolt: L-Drago IV

The Face Bolt shows L-Drago which symbolizes the constellation Draco. The design is similar to L-Drago's Destroy's Face Bolt with the difference being a lighter blue hue. It also makes L-Drago show both of its hands to make it look more ferocious. The dragon is also more detailed than the other L-Drago facebolts.

Fusion Wheel: L-Drago Sapphira

Crystal Frame

  • Weight: 37.9 grams

The Crystal Frame is made completely out of Sapphire and highly resembles the Lightning L-Drago Energy Ring in that it features three dragon heads going in a circular motion. The Crystal Frame can also be rotated 180 degress just like the previous L-Drago Energy Rings, in order to change between three modes, "Attack Mode", "Smash Mode" and "Absorb Mode".


  • Weight: 5.8 grams

The Core of L-Drago Sapphire is entirely made from Rubber, to provide extra weight and absorb hits more effectively than L-Drago Destroy. You can also fold the Rubber Protrusions for more Smash attack. It can be used with L-Drago Sapphire's Crystal Frame.

Performance Tip: Final Survive (F:S)

  • Weight: 5.7 grams

Final Survive acts as a Hole Flat/Sharp, but is automatic, and uses centrifugal force to switch modes. At first it performs like Hole Flat and then switch to sharp. when it starts to lose its Stamina. The Final Survive Performance Tip may also cause the Bey to crash on the stadium's walls so that it could hit the opposing Bey in the middle or anywhere else in the stadium. It has no competitive value because when it switches to Sharp, it loses its balance very easily due to the tall height of the Final Survive. However, due to L-Drago Destroy's left spinning ability, it can steal spin from arena's quake. Overall, Final Survive might not be so great, but L-Drago Sapphire is a recommended Attack and Absorb wheel.