Wolf constellation

Legend Wolf X:D:D is an ultimate balance-type beyblade.It is owned by Best of All.It was preserved under the Antartic Ocean in between the ancient relics of an unknown city/town.When Best of All along with his Brother Sun and Alex his friend was practising sea-diving,Best found it and became its owner.As it was stored under the water and as there was an island of ice near it (Antartica),the bey gained the power of both water and ice.This bey have dark power inside it.


The facebolt of Wolf depicts Lupus , a wolf in one of the 88 constellations in Greek mythology.It is made of metal with a fusion of rubber.It has two small holes in it which performs a very vital role in this beyblade.It can steal the energy of an attack from attack and sent it to the performance tip of the bey which increases its stamina (the function of 1 hole).The other holes is used for the same purpose but sends the energy to the fusion wheel to attack the opponent's beyblade in the same manner it has attacked Wolf.

4D Energy Ring:

The shape of the ring seems like a wolf opening his mouth.The ring has 4 edges.These edges are made of metal.These represent the jaws of wolf and can be profusely used for offense.It can also be switched in modes which are very important:-

(i)Eternal Mode

(ii)Freezing Mode

(iii)Aqua-Freezer Mode and

(iv)Blizzard Mode

All these mode are the best features in this bey.

Eternal Mode contains a very important features.Eternal mode activates a special gear (not engine gear) in itself which improves its defense power.Its stamina also increases and a cold wind surrounds it.It can throw invisible arrows of wind at the other bey.

During Freezing mode,the bey's gear remains activated but the wheel and the energy ring's temperature goes below 500 degree centegrate and any bey which comes near it freezes and stops spinning.The wheel also develops sharp points of ice when in this mode.

The Aqua-freezer mode is very useful when the bey has a low stamina and could not tolerate any more attacks.This mode turns the stadium into fusion of water and ice and the bey soaks its power and again comes to its highest speed or you can say stamina.

The Blizzard mode's function is alike the function of the Finish mode of God Fighter U:D.That is all the abilities of the other three modes combine or fuse togethe and destroy the opponent's bey.

4D Fusion Wheel:

The fusion wheel is very great indeed.Actually there are two wheels which can be seen when observed carefully.The upper wheel is very thick and has 6 magnets which pulls the bey towards itself.The lower wheel has 6 spikes made of rubber.The rubber spin-steals the opponent's bey and the metal spikes destroys the bey's fusion wheel which damages and takes most part of the nergy from it.

PC Frame:

The PC Frame is made of stone and can mode change from attack to defense.They help on keeping the defensive protection of the bey from attacks.They can help the bey to take on special moves during the battle!

To be continued