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Lightning Pegasus F:D is bey owned by Tim/Gingkafan124. It is bey that he got from father. It is an Attack type bey and has good abilites and gear moves. As is has same Spin Track as Big Bang Pegasus. It can resist attacks as well as moves.

Facebolt: Pegasus

The Facebolt depicts Pegasus which Pegasus picture on top of it. It is one of 88 constellations and is good for Attack type beys and it is designed specially for Pegasus so its wings can fit properly. It is coloured blue and has a red picture of Pegasus. It is an reverse rotating bey.

Energy Ring: Pegasus V

Pegasus has a red energy which protects it from sky attacks it has actual Ho-2 energy shell attack and can be rough a sheel everytime with it. It can xde 23 energy sheel which has chemically metalic reactions which protects it from outer part and is brilliant with defense. By physics it is an bey which can conserve both potential energy and kinectic energy.

Fusion Wheel: Lightning (Change: Trio)

Lightning Fusion Wheel has special fittings for Pegasus' wings and chemical reactions with diagonstic charges. It have 4 parts:

Wing Driver

It helps Pegasus to do sky attacks and reverse rotates with wing driver it can do wing booster attacks with protection as well.

Protection Driver

It can resist any attack any one but it takes loads stamina but it can heal it too.

Heal Driver

It can steal stamina from other beys and put them on us .

Reverse Driver

It can rotate right or left anytime after the masters' command and while rotating left it takes stamina and is more destructive.

Spin Track: Fast Drive(Change: Metal Drive)

It can change to Metal Drive for defense and fast drive for attack and stamina though it has energy sheel it quite explosive and dangerous.

Performance Tip: Steel (Change: Blaze)

It can change it tip to Blaze which produce serious attacks and steal which is heavy and can be brilliant while attacking.


Pegasus soaring blow

Pegasus charges with massive force making it three pegasus and attacks them.

Stamina Steal

As it get contact with other beys it can steal 10% of spin from them in a single little contact.

Reverse Strike

It rotates reverse and strikes hard changing its coarse.


Attack Defense Stamina Blance Speed 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000