This Bey has got the Best Bey of the Month May 2013 Award
Machinery Pongal
BT02-030EN R
Beast Name Pongal
Type Defense
Beast Type Attack
Machinery Pongal T:Z is a defense type beyblade owned by Gray Fullbester.It has very high-level and compact defense and offense.This bey was found from a disbanded garage.When Gray was small,he was playing there,and as his ball went inside the garage,he went there and found the bey.The beyblade automatically came to his hands and then Gray named it Machinery Pongal T:Z and started beybattling with it.
Level 2

Facebolt:Pongal III

The facebolt depicts Lupus the wolf from one of the 88 constellations in space according to Greek Mythology.The wolf is in a machine like form.The head is printed in the facebolt and points left.The eyes glow.The colour of the bolt is black.The whole facebolt is made of metal.And the upper surface of the facebolt is made up of rubber so that it can spin-steal sky attacks.

Energy Ring:Pongal Z

The energy ring is shaped like the claws of wolf,similar somewhat to the Serpent ring.It is coloured Dark blue. The energy ring is made up of a fusion of both rubber and metal.This particularly increases spin-stealing ability for the bey and attacking ability through the ring.Moreover,it has a under-layer.This under-layer is made of diamond.It is shaped in a two triangular fashion layed upon each other,making six sharp edges.They help in attacking and piercing through the fusion wheels or energy rings or just facebolt of the opponent's bey.

Fusion Wheel:Machinery

The Machinery wheel is a divided wheel.It is not 4D but has two layers of metal.The upper one is thicker and heavier,purposely used for defense.They are shaped like the arms of a wolf,in a circular fashion.They have some inscriptions on them and some lines.This wheel is coloured sky blue.There are 3 holes in between.The lower one has some solid rubber spikes.They jut out from the upper wheel's hole. It help for attacking and spin-stealing.All this spin-stealing maintains the stamina.

4D Performance Tip:T:Z

The 4D Performance tip is guarded by a round and having two edge structure.They are made of metal.The tip's outer portion is made of Titanium.The T:Z stands for Tripple Z.The tip has 3 tips.One is Diamond Wide Ball.Second is Metal Wide Defense.And third is Titanium Defense Sharp.All these provide great defense and stamina to the bey.


Supreme Assault: The bey flies up.Then strikes downward and while striking the other bey,it uses the second wheel spikes to damage the opponent's bey.

Shadow Lord: The bey follows the movement of the other bey.And whenever it strikes,the bey receives more stamina by spin-stealing and strenth for defensing.

Special Move:

Sunshine Force: The bey's beast appears.Then,a dark blue energy ball like structure surrounds the bey.Then the bey moves into the sky.With a opposite force,it strikes the other bey in great speed.This move can't be dodged,or can be tolerated.