Magmanic Wolf H:T, is a magma beyblade that is the master of fire, it is one of the 12 Elemental Beys (<< history),
This bey is to balance the power of fire, it is currently not owned but it can control itself to move and attack.

Launcher: Fiery Portal

This launcher is special, because the bey is "launched" from this portal, making it spinning left, able to dodge beys easily, but it is weak to attack heavily. This launcher has a large boost of dodge to any bey that is launched from it.

Facebolt: Flame Wolf

Weight: 100 grams

This facebolt has two pictures: a normal wolf when it is not spinning, and a fiery wolf when it is spinning, when the bey dodges many times, the facebolt will be enraged by a fiery aura, making the bey in flames, giving other beys small damage while increasing more dodge slightly.

5D Energy Ring: Magmanic

Weight: 1 kilogram

This Energy Ring is special, because this is 5-Dimensional meaning you can see the whole bey transparently, while some others like the 4D can only see what is inside the bey. The Energy Ring traps magma to make the bey's heat and dodge. The special move called "Explosion" will lift the Energy Ring and squirt out the magma to random places of  a stadium, making all the beys in that stadium except itself, a decrease of attack by 20%.

4D Wheel: Magmanic

Weight: 1.5 kilograms

The Fusion Wheel, "Magmanic" has kind of "sun rays" around the wheel, giving the bey high dodge and agility. Its rays can pierce others' Bey wheel, but there is only a chance of 5% of doing that, but it will increase to 100% after it had used its common move, "Renewing Power" 20 times. This wheel has an annoying move which some beys hate, when it changes left and right randomly, after the move, "Raging Fire" is used.

4D Tip: H:T

Weight: 250 grams

The tip, Helium Tip (H:T) can make the whole bey lifted from the stadium for 2 inches, it only has a chance of 4% even though "Renewing Power" is used. The tip can turn into rock and uses friction to leave a burning trail where ever it moves for 10 seconds, if the move "Fiery Path" is used.


Friction: Due to its wheel rays, it makes friction, giving other beys a small amount of heat and spark.

Track: Since the tip is rock, it gives a track, giving some beys off-track.

Howl: The Bey calls other Wolf spirits to signal them to help it.

Special Moves (SP)

Renewing Power: You feel weak and impure, it is time to renew your power!  (If used, this will raise the chance of certain moves, it can be used many times. It will increases its stats and friendly targets for 1%, while it will take opponents' stats by 2%.)

Normal Attack: A basic attack, thought to all bladers. (This will automatically apply Renewing Power but have no effect for itself and others.)

Explosion: The Wolf panics, because its is losing, so he increases attack for a while. (The Bey will lift its Energy Rings and squirts magma from it giving opponents' bey decrease of 20% of attack. Decrease is stronger when there is more Renewing Power.

Raging Fire: The Wolf hates being attacked so it will dodge a lot. (The Bey's wheel will change left or right randomly.)

Consuming Flame: You start to be in a frenzy, so you take others' bey attack. (The Bey unleashes flames from its wheel to opponent's beys, it will have an increase of attack by 50%, it will give beys a small Damage over Time effect for a short amount of time. DoT's damage and time will increase when Renewing Power is used.)

Fiery Thorns: Wolf do not always show mercy always, right? (The move will make the Bey wheel's rays sharp, piercing other bey wheels, chance is 5% of doing this. Chance is increased with Renewing Power.)

Fiery Path: You start to leave footprints, but it's footprints of flames. (The Bey's tip will leave a track will later make a trailway of fire.)

Volcano's Wrath: The Volcano's wrath blesses you with its wrath. (Increases attack and dodge by 60%. While friendly targets get 45% of that.)

Fiery Alpha Wolf: The Wolf will be engulfed with fire, summoning its pack to rampage. (The ultimate move for the Bey, has 100% of knocking other beys from the stadium, or make the beys stop spinning. Comsumes all Renewing Power.)


(Physical) Strength: 30

Dexerity (Dodge): 300

Defense: 50

Wisdom (Magic Power boost): 200

Luck (Increasing chances without special attacks): 100