Welcome to the article from where new users will be able to understand how to create a Beyblade for them and get it registered. First of all, in this wiki, an user can own 3 Beys to the maximum. Those Beys can have Infinite Number of evolutions.  Suppose you have created Storm Pegasus, and then created Galaxy Pegasus, This doesn't mean you own two beys, but means that you own one bey, which has evolved. Once an evolution is registered, the earlier form can't be further used for beybattling. Again, there are two kinds of beys. One kind comprises of Beys with any kind of Beast and another consists of Beys with Beasts that represent clans.Clans are named with regards to Cardfight !! Vanguard. If an user is assigned to a certain clan, he must first create a bey that represents the clan. It should contain an image of a Grade 0 beast, and then when evolving, moving to Grade 1, 2 and so on. Below, there is info for creating a bey.

Creating a normal bey:

A normal bey may consist of 5-6 parts.They are:

1. Facebolt

2. Energy Ring (Optional)

3. Fusion Wheel 

4. Spin Track (Optional)

5. Performance Tip

These Beyblades must be completely Imaginative and SHOULD contain Special Moves and Abilities. Abilities are certain skills which are logical, not way too powerful, not even like special move. An ability of a Bey can be like it moves very fast when the tip also starts moving (an imaginative ability, not to be copied). Launchers may or may not be added.

Crating a Clan Bey:

The Rules are just same as above, but it should contain the image of a Vanguard (First bey=Grade 0, Second evo Grade 1 and so on.

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