Maxel Garstomp ROTFL
Beast Name Garstomp
Type Attack-Stamina
Beast Type Semi-offense
Maxel Garstomp is an Attack/Stamina-Type bey and is the evolved form of Rune Garstomp.It is owned by Ray in Beyblade:Crystal Legends. It Cannot be defeated by any beys except Immortal Reaper,Titanium Nemesis, Heaven Pegasus and L-Drago Sapphira.R

Facebolt: Garstomp

  • Weight:0.5 grams

Garstomp's face is a white background and it has a picture of a garstomp.It is the lightest face ever

Energy Ring:Garstomp

  • Total Weight: 5grams

Garstomp wheel looks just like garstomp 2 and is made of 2 parts the symbionic syncros and the symbionic sphere

Symbionic Syncros

It looks like a circle and has two spikes coming from the south and north points.It has the design of a garstomp ,a mythical creature that looks like a snake but has 10 heads and legs

Symbionic Sphere

the symbionic sphere has two spikes coming from the west and east sides.Other than that it is just a plain circle that is meant to fit on the symbionic syncros

Fusion Wheel : Maxel

  • Total Weight: 50grams

Maxel is a fusion wheel with two parts the Core and the spike base metal frame


the core is a simple round shere with many ridges and is unstoppable in terms of attack

Spike Base Metal Frame:

It is ,as its name says a base frame and is the one that gives the most attack.

It is shaped like a pentagon with many cuts in the shape of V and L.

5D bottom: ROTFL

ROTFL is a bottom which rollls on the ground like a ball and is a tip which as soon as it stamina gets low stops and then starts spinning viciously attacking all beys and reduces their hp a lot.It looks like F:D but it has a Rubber ball on the bottom

Special Moves

1: MAXEL SLAM- Maxel Flies in the air and slam your opponent instantly destroying them

2:EPIC FURY- Maxel attacks your opponent till they have 50 hp left

3. BOUSCHE!! - Maxel goes in the air,attacks your opponent it cannot be dodged

4.TAE KWON DORK - Maxel dodges opponents attacks and then teleports behind them and attacks.

5.SHORYUKEN. - Maxel attacks the opponent and sends them in the air,it is good as opponents cannot counterattack.

6.TORNADO - Maxel whips up a tornado and stadium outs the opponent.

7.SPIKE STAR- Maxel ejects spikes from the fusion wheel and scratches all other beys in its way

8.NARUTO RENDAN- Maxel turns into 5 beys and 4 launch the opponent in the air and the other attack the bey