Nebula Tempo U:D:D
Beast Name Tempo
Type Defense
Beast Type Resonance
Nebula 2
This bey is owned by Toru Xedus and is the last evolution of Tempo. It was another day when Toru was having trouble against Neron's Fury Striker. Neron having his Striker in its 2nd evolution and Toru's Tempo in its 1st, Toru thought that he had no chance of winning against Neron. But a strange thing occured...Tempo started glowing in bright colours and smashed Striker right out of the stadium. Toru then realized that his bey has evolved into a new state, 'Nebula Tempo'. Nobody is allowed to touch this bey since someone has to have the right blader spirit for it. But only Toru is allowed to touch this bey because of his special bonding with this bey. It is a true story that if someone doesn't have the right blader spirit, they will be cursed into turning into stone. Even if someone has the power to touch this bey, it would take a long time to master it into using it's full powered potential.

Launcher: Tempo Time Launcher

This launcher is one of the best launchers for defence type beys. It only allows Nebula Tempo to be launched because of the high spin power. It is a launcher that is as powerful as 50 string launchers combined to spin fast in just one launch.

Facebolt: Tempo 3

This facebolt depicts the grand father clock Holorogium which is one of the 88 constellalions in the sky. The facebolt of Nebula Tempos can only be assembled with this bey because of the special shape it is made in. It is a light blue facebolt with a printed picture of Tempo in a pure black colour.

Energy Ring: Tempo 3

This energy ring is specially made to balance the bey in defence. This is one of the main parts of the bey to use its full defence power in order to block a attack from an upcoming bey. Since this part is suppportive to the fusion wheel (Nebula), it would need luck to even crack a tiny bit of this energy ring because this is just a supporting of the fusion wheel.

Fusion Wheel: Nebula

This fusion wheel (Nebula) is an exotic wheel for this kind of bey. This wheel functions to block an upcoming attack in ease since it has an extra thick layer of metal. Nebula also funtion as a bey who can block spin-stealing because it has tiny ridges to block spin-stealing from beys who have a spin taking advantage.

4D Performance Tip: U:D:D

U:D:D (also known as Ultimate Defence Drive) is the tip of the bey Nebula Tempo. This tip has two modes: Ulitimate Defence and Ultimate Balance. In Ultimate Defence, Tempo concentrates in only using it's defence power which weakens it's attack but raises it's defence power. This mode can be used when having trouble blocking attacks. Ultimate Balance is a mode when Tempo concentrates in everything equally. In both modes, Tempo has two hooks   that operate as a spin-stealing device.This can only be used when the move Spin Defnce is called.

Special Moves

Spin Defence: In this move Tempo speeds towards the opponents bey and absorbs half of spin power which increases Tempo's spin strength.

Absorbing Blast: In this move Tempo absorbes the power of the opponents special move and unleashes double the power of the move at the opponent's bey

Iron Defense Wall: Tempo uses it's nebula power to block any attack of the opponents special move.