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Platinum Dragoon is a defense type bey that was made with combination of some of the best defence type beyblades. Its owner is Softynervous (Rishav). This beyblade was acquired when it was found in a statue of the God in sweden and used as a violent weapon until it was lost for ages. After centuries of being lost the god beyblade has come back to wreack havok on the world. This beyblade is a water beyblade opposite of fire.
Level 1

Facebolt: Dragoon

The Face Bolt depicts 'Dragoon', one of the mythical beasts mentioned in History. This time the face bolt of platinum dragoon has the picture of a red dragon. This dragon was found on earth 10000000 years its extinct but its said tht anyone who uses playinum dragoon will have the complete power of it and start to understand each other and this bey's face is made with complete metal and this is one of the main factor that almost make it the best bey out of so many.

Energy Ring: Dragoon

Dragoon resembles the original L-Drago energy ring but its filled with metal portions along with rubber fillings inside it. Its somewhat like Leone II but its more heavier than that of Fang leone. It also has 10 metal screws that makes the bey even heavier than the weight of about 12 beys ( not 4d) and that is why many beys could even move the bey a little and it has 11 spikes of rubber fitted on its ring ...when it assumes counter attack mode the spikes open and any bey which comes to the path of it breaks. This is its main advantage of spin stealing.

Fusion Wheel

Its more shaped like a hammer and is best known for defense and smash attack and good matter how greater the defense power or ability it is it can remove or destroy every bey that comes in its is also able to defense and produces ultimate semi has 5 metal frames and 2 cores (1 engine gear and 1 core) it has 3 sharp wide wood mixed with metal beneath the frame and when it opens every bey around itself is broken and all its parts are destroyed..if the spikes on its ring and these claws in its frame open in one time the opposing bey is just breaked. And it wins

Aqua Chemical Frame

The metal part of the fusion wheel includes the four versions of the various Dragons pointing in all different directions that click into different locations on contact with another beyblade. The Dragons have chemicals in them to mix elements in the air to make water. They start out as 1st of them points upward, the 2nd one points down, the 3rd points to the left, and the 4th to the right. The dragons rotation can cause wind distortion causing a water spout to form. It has a aqua color and makes the beyblade spin right. This beyblade can make wave with the dragons.

4D Performance Tip: ???

This is best known for stamina and it also fixes it at a defensive position that causes the other beys with danger. This tip also lets the bey not to budge from its position a little.....and this is the best combination. This part gives it more stamina friction and attack as well as balance than the other beys.

Special Moves

In this move the bey creates such a great friction that even a attack type bey like galaxy pegasus cannot even budge it a also spins in one place and acts like destroying everything in its way...if a bey who spin steals comes in its way it is destroyed into small paricles even smaller than atoms...and a bay which absorbs power comes in its way then it is just broke....all parts.

MINOR DESTROYING BLADE: This move lets the blades (sharp) open and with that it just destroys the other fusion wheel of the beys...and sometimes even cut the bey into two..Claw AttackThis attack spin steals even greater then meteo l drago and also can transfer a vibration received from an attack to an other bey by attacking...not even a defense type bey can stop that nor even a attack bey.The metal part of the fusion wheel includes the four versions of theThe metal part of the fusion wheel includes the four versions of theThe metal part of the fusion wheel includes the four versions of the


Images (28)