Ray is a Galactic blader who appears in Beyblade:Crystal Legends. He previously owned Slick Garstomp but now he owns the mightier Rune Garstomp F:H75 PS. His friends are currently Zero and Ryuta.


Ray is a 12 year old boy who is awesome at blading and fixing beys. He lived in a place called mechanic stop as his dad owned the shop. He fixes anybody's bey if it is broken. He soon surpassed his Dad in mechanics and Blading And aimed to be the #1 blader and mechanic in the world

He loves to eat butter chicken with some tacos and also likes Indian food but has never been there. He is one of the Main Protagonists in Beyblade:Crystal Legends.


Ray has a red hair and black jacket with a green shirt.H e wears a black pant and his jacket has the words #1 Mechanic on them. He keeps his bey holster on the right side of his pant and has his launcher grip on the left.He has nike shoes that he customized and created jet boots with which he can fly around.He is the most tech-savvy in the characters of Crystal Legends.


Ray is a short tempered guy but when his friends need him he is always there.He is a self esteemed kid and will do anything to be #1.He does not like annoying guys but loves puppies.


  • Slick Garstomp 100R2F: This was Rays first bey and was the best he saw until Wing Pegasis showed up.
  • Rune Garstomp F:H75PS: His 2nd bey. It is the evolved form of Slick Garstomp and evolved during a battle with Zero When a Big Bang evolved their beys into the respective evolutiions.