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Post a comment stating the Name of your bey and the link to your bey to register.You will recieve a notification that your bey is registered. If your Bey is registered, then we will add it to the 'Beys' section on the top navigation. After registering your bey, a bold R will be visible right after your description of the bey. And once registered, only Admins can edit it or may grant only the creator the permission to edit and that too for a limited time only. You should also Notify the level Right after the description of your bey. (For example this is the description and you want to add it to the emerald level: This bey is so-so bla bla something is useful and It did something. It belongs to so-so. It is a so-so type beyblade. Level: Emerald)

Registration Rules

  • Gramatical mistakes can't be accepted
  • Defination of parts must be enough to make the head satisfy
  • Stats can be only added by an BM(Board Members)
  • You have to add the abilites after or before the registration.

Level System

Level 1Level 1 (1000-1999 BP)

  • 2 SP Move
  • 3 Abilities max.

Level 2Level 2 (2000-2999 BP)

  • 2 SP Moves
  • 4 Abilities min.

Level 3Level 3 (3000-5500 BP)

  • 3 SP Moves
  • 5 Abilities min.

Level 4Max Level (5500 BP+)

  • 5 SP Moves
  • 7 Abilities min.

Level 5Universal Level (6000 BP+)

  • 8 SP Moves
  • 10 Abilities min.


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