This is an roleplay, the first roleplay in this wiki, the Asian Fanon Wiki, we hope we inspire more people, to make more roleplays for fun. So let's see the plot of this.


  1. No God Modding meaning that you cannot act like the strongest of all the characters, all characters are all equal.
  2. Only some people are allowed to make new chapters
  3. No turning the plot
  4. No trolling, that means don't annoy people continiously
  5. You cannot swear, but if you can't control your tongue just make it like this F***
  6. Even though a few people has powers like: Fire, Water, or Earth, they are not considered God Modding unless they are using their power too much


Zeus (The Legend Bladers)

Black (ZeroBladeX)

John Lee (Bigbangfan1)

Toru Xedus (Beyblademaster786)

Titanium (CyborneticHog)

Chapter I: Genesis

On a dark cloudy day, there was a boy named Zeus, he was 13, he was all alone without his parents for they died because a volcanic eruption burned them, but on that day, another volcanic eruption occured, Zeus was helpless, so he stayed there which he cannot escape, so as the lava came closer to him, he was more frightened, so let's see the scene.

Zeus: *sees the lava* AAAAHHHHHHHHHH! I am going to die

As Zeus thinks this is his fate, the lava merged with him, so he felt strange for a while

Zeus: Whew! I feel hot, the lava did not hurt me? Let me see what did I obtain *puts hand like a stop position then a little fireball comes out, hitting a rock which burns because of it* O_O Woah?! What just happened?

Zeus: Well, at least I am not weak anymore, hhmm.....let me get out from this village before anything awkward comes out *runs away*

As soon Zeus got out from the village, a dark aura with red eyes came.

???: You might hide, boy, but you are still weak to face me! HAHAHAHA! Even though this boy has fire powers, its no match for me!

Chapter II: New Companions

As Zeus got out from the village he went to a ancient temple, he saw a boy with a cap, they accidently hit each other, so let us see the scene.

???: Ow! Who are you?

Zeus: Uh.......My name is Zeus, nice to meet you *shakes hand with ??? but causes him a lot of heat to his hand*

???: YEOWCH! Ow, ow ,ow, ow, that hurts, ok, my name is Black.

Zeus: Oh nice to meet you.

Black: So..........What now? And how come you have heat in your hands?

Zeus: Because I am a fire you be my companion in an journey.

Black: Sure...........