Rune Garstomp F:H75 PS
Beast Name Garstomp
Type Balance
Beast Type Resonance
Rune Garstomp is a balance type 5D bey owned by BigBangFan1. R


The facebolt has the motif of Rune Garstomp,It is an R with many tentacles coming out of it.


Symbionic Wheel

The Garstomp symbionic wheel is a circle with spikes coming out,pictures will come soon

Symbionic Syncros

It looks like a circle and has two spikes coming from the south and north points.It has the design of a garstomp ,a mythical creature that looks like a snake but has 10 heads and legs

Symbionic Sphere

the symbionic sphere has two spikes coming from the west and east sides.Other than that it is just a plain circle that is meant to fit on the symbionic syncros

Titambular Wheel-Rune

Rune is made of three parts figure it out by looking at the picture.

5D Track-F:H75

It has four heights,75,100,200,270

It is one of the best tracks available as 75 is good for attack and 270 for defense.It is only


PS stands for Polished Sharp

It is like PD only sharp.It is one of the 3 tips used by Ray.The tip is good for stamina beys and is used with all heights of its track,It is exclusive to rune garstomp.Though it is supposed to be a stamina tip it is attack .

Special Moves

1: RUNE SLAM- Rune Flies in the air and slam your opponent instantly destroying them

2:EPIC FURY- Rune attacks your opponent till they have 50 hp left

3. BOUSCHE!! - Rune goes in the air,attacks your opponent it cannot be dodged

4.TAE KWON DORK - Rune dodges opponents attacks and then teleports behind them and attacks.

5.SHORYUKEN. - Rune attacks the opponent and sends them in the air,it is good as opponents cannot counterattack.

6.TORNADO - Rune whips up a tornado and stadium outs the opponent.

7.BUNSHIN NO JUTSU-Rune turns into 2 beys and it is impossible to tell the real from the clone


  • It is owned by bigbangfan1
  • It is part of the 5D system