Shij or Rick/Ois/Oish/Oishij is a very good blader and kind hearted towards his friends and parents.He appears inCrystal legends where he and is friends battles Immortal Reaper C:D.He owns Freedom Eagle V:W. Except Zero he is the only one who can defeat Diabolos once and for all. He is very brave and steps in front to save their friends like Zero, Ray, Zeus.etc.


He was born of humble parents James and Lilly.He was brought up by is grandfather at the age of 5 he got Eagle his grandfather used in his childhood his grandfather told him

"Rick take Eagle and raise it properly. It will obey you. As I cannot evolve it, please evolve it. I believe that you can evolve Flare Eagle into Freedom Flare Eagle". He won with it many times with great power and brilliance