. It is owned by Rick123

Face Bolt: Delphius II

It is similar to the original Delphius but a few additions. It has a Iceberg in the backgroud, Delphius is now a Killer Whale instead of a dolphin.It still tatooed on a white facebolt.

Energy Ring: Delphius II

This ring has made a huge makeover compared to Delphius I, features like Ice spikes help balance the beyblade. It is heavier at the edges making it have stamina. It is pale blue with White highlights. Some parts stick out making it good for smash.

Fusion Wheel: Snowstorm

Snowstorm is a rather unusual Wheel it forms into 4 parts: Rubber Frame:Edit Weight: 7 gramsEdit

It is a simple circular ring shaped with not much detail. The rubber frame helps absorb hits from other beyblades. It is dark blue.

PC Frame:

This PC Frame is similar to the Beat Lynx PC Frame but has two spikes on each side which are made of metal. It is transparent blue. Even though it contains metal it is still considered a blade.

Metal Frame:

The Wheel is similar to Blizzard. There is a hole on each of the spikes Which are to be aligned witn the core. It has more detail compared to it's predecessor.


The core has a gimmick of releasing ice throughout the battle. It is filled with ice. It is quite thick, giving it great defensive powers. It is also quite tall. If Snowstorm is put together, it will be higher than

===Death. Mode change:===

In Attack mode, the PC Frame opens the core, revealing the holes where the ice can exit. To change to Defense mode, turn the PC Frame 90 degrees so the holes are hidden. To change to Barrage Attack mode, remove the Rubber Frame, then flip the PC Frame over (Do not put the Rubber Frame back on).

Track: Freeze Disk 130

The track is completely frozen. It has good Attacking powers as it is made of ice. The ice never melt. Similar to it's predecessor BD145, it can only be used on a specific Fusion Wheel. It can also change modes similar to BD145. In Attack mode, The Disk is lowered, enabling it to attack short Beyblades. In Boost mode (Which is only acessable on Snowstorm) , the Disk is against the Fusion Wheel, boosting it's defense. When it comes into contact with other Beys, It will Freeze part of the Bey temporarily.

Performance Tip: Coated Sharp

Coat Sharp is more like Rubber Flat Sharp or a variation of Rubber Flat, but with a Sharp tip coated in rubber hence the name, "Coat" Sharp. It is greatly chosen in Attack and Defense-Type combinations when launched, the Coat Sharp will have limited movement due to the Sharp tip, however, if it gets knocked off balance, it will act as a Rubber Flat and provide fast and chaotic movement. If used with a String Launcher, the Coat Sharp will move aggressively like a Rubber Flat but act as a Defense-Tip later due to the Sharp tip. Due to this, it is similar to the mechanism in Final Survive. Overall, Coat Sharp is a great Tip for Attack and Defense combinations and resembles a grey Rubber Flat but with a grey Sharp tip in the center of the red rubber.


  1. Skydivecrush:Delphius dives in the air and crushes opponent with It's tip.
  1. FROST:Freezes the Opponent with FD130 then Slashes the opponent until it Thaws out. (hint: look at the capitalized letters)

Sub-Zero Tornado:Delphius spins around like Big Bang Tornado and Smashes the opponent high into the air

Frozen Wall:Releases Ice from the bey and creates a frozen wall


Attack Defense Speed Balance Stamina
100000 100000 100000 100000 100000