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Supernova Tempo
Beast Name Tempo
Type Defense
Beast Type Resonance

Supernova Tempo is a defence type beyblade that will appear in Beyblade Crystal-Clash and it is owned by Toru Xedus. It was a meteor that travelled throught space colliding with certain stars and planet's. It then crashed into a supernova making a big bang in the galaxy. Then it crashed on earth which later on, Toru Xedus found and made it his own bey.R

Level 1

Launcher:Tempo First Edition Launcher

Tempo First Edition Launcher is the most powerful String-Launcher made for defence type beyblades. It has the power of 40 String-Launchers combined together to make unstoppable power in one launch of a bey. This launcher allows only Tempo to be launched.

Facebolt: Tempo 2

The facebolt depicts the grand father Holorogium which is one of the 88 contellations in the sky. This face is blue with the picture of Tempo in a black colour.

Energy Ring: Tempo 2

The energy ring is a extrmely powerful energy ring that can never break. It supports Supernova to block any attack from any bey,especially attack type beys.

Fusion Wheel: Supernova

The fusion wheel Supernova is the worlds heaviest fusion wheel. It can block any upcoming attack and can disable any kind of spin stealing. It can deflect any kind of attack and can never be damaged or even cracked. It will never budge when attacked.

4D Tip: X:D:D

X:D:D (xtreme defence drive) is a 4d tip that boosts the defence for Tempo. Using its two modes (defence mode) and (balance mode), it can dodge the upcoming attacks. It is one of the main parts of the bey but also vital for defence as it hooks could risk itself losing a battle.


Universal Trap: As soon as Tempo is in the stadium, the dark force that Tempo releases form the tip will cause the opponents bey to only use one special move and ability until the battle is finished.===

Special Moves:

Time And Space Fortess: Tempo draws power from space to defend itself against any upcoming attack. .

Spacial Rending Time Revolution: This spin risking attack includes Tempo releasing all of the power left and blasts the the entire stadium. This move can only be used when Tempo is nearly out of stamina and when Toru is in his inner rage form.