Techno BlueBot D35 CG
Bluebot Special Move=Blue Eye
Beast Name Bluebot
Type Attack
Beast Type Resonance
Techno BlueBot D35 CG is an attack-type bey that appears in Beyblade:Crystal Legends. It is owned by Marcus.

Level: Silver


When Marcus got caught in the Cyber Portal, his Generic Bey was destroyed and from it's spirit, BlueBot was created.

Facebolt: BlueBot

The Facebolt depicts a Blue Robot with a White outline. It is printed on a Dark Blue Face. It can change it's facebolt colour according to the Stadium if needed. It is not affected by smash attacks.

Energy Ring: BlueBot

The energy ring of bluebot does not show any particular design. It is designed as such that everytime it is launched, the energy ring's pattern varies? So no one can predict what the next pattern will be? It has a unique identity code which sets only with the Techno Fusion Wheel, so bluebot can be paired only with techno.

Fusion Wheel: Techno

The techno fusion wheel is the most advanced wheel ever made. It can change into any other fusion wheel except the Crystalic Bladers wheels. The Techno wheel itself is a really powerful attack wheel. It can beat wheels such as Vulcan,Variares,Blitz and Beat. It has 3 modes: Normal Mode, Transform Mode and Blue Eye mode. In normal mode, it looks just lika a normal bey. In Transform mode, It transforms into any other bey. In Blue Eye mode, from the top view it looks like it's a sphere but in fact it is just an illusion and is not really spherical.

Spin Track: Detect 35

The detect 35 is the most advanced track ever. It detects an attack of the opponent and counter attacks with double the power of the opponents attack.

Performance Tip: Cyber Grip

The CG tip can spin on absolutely ANY surface. It looks more like a XF tip but with a cyber coating. The cyber part of the tip sticks to the surface and the flat part to make it aggressive and smooth.


  • Bluebot When first meeting Marcus
  • Bluebot Escaping from Aquario's special Move
  • Bluebot sad and standing before the moon after losing to L-Drago Sapphira
  • Bluebot Ultimate Mode 1
  • Bluebot in Ultimate Mode using swords
  • Bluebot top view in "Blue Eye" Mode