About 13 billion years ago, a Multi-Elemental Being created 12 elemental beyblades to take control of elements, and he casted the beys into the universe..... 9 billion years past, and the beys finally crashed on Earth, being buried.... at the Year 2100, a boy was able to find all the 12 Beys with his spirit... and he is called the master of the 12 Beys...


 Magmanic Wolf H:T History: 

The Fire Bey crashed into Earth, like a meteor. Its crash was able to break the bey, that its pieces scattered far, and was trampled by some beings. The spirit inside it took a form of a wolf. The wolf scavanged for the bey's parts, it found all the parts, it entered the bey, but it was more weak, so it controlled itself and moved fast, it accidently sped up to a volcano since it cannot see, it stopped, the volcano erupted and it oozed magma out of it, the magma touched the bey, and it transformed, but by the eruption it was buried.