Since the Wiki has reopened for the second time, we need rankings to take care for this wiki, there are a few rankings to manage this site, so there are 10 Elements, which are Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Lightning, Darkness, Light, Metal, Time, and Cosmic, for each rank has the highest (but they will be upgraded later), they are: Phoenix Emperor (Fire), Tsunami Emperor (Water), Earth King (Earth), Tornado King (Air), Shadow Emperor (Darkness), Light Emperor (Light), Titanium King (Metal), Storm Emperor (Lighting), Time Master (Time), and Universal Master (Cosmic), you can put up yourself for election if you want to be either rank, but you ONLY CAN CHOOSE ONE not the rest, but if you suceed and there is a rank not taken, you can take it. But if you fail in your rank, you will be stripped from that rank. So the maximum users to get the ranks are TEN. So here are the users who have suceeded in their ranks.

Phoenix Emperor

Earth King

Tornado King

Time Master

Universal Master

Shadow Emperor

Titanium King