Belt of Deltora

The Seven Gems of Eternity are the gems that create the Bey and its spirit.The Bladers of Eternity protects The Seven Gems of Eternity.The Gems are usually placed in a plantinum belt.The Gems are

  1. Diamond
  1. Emerald
  1. Lapis Lazuli
  2. Topaz
  1. Opal
  1. Ruby
  1. Amethyst

The Symbols of the Gems

  • The Diamond: This gem belongs to Zero it can strengthen the person who resemble this gem, It symbolizes Power.
  • The Emerald: This gem belongs to Kiro,it can cause protection and reflects any attack,It symbolizes Protection.
  • The Lapis Lazuli: It belongs to Ray,it gives courage to the person who obtained this gem,it symbolizes Courage
  • The Topaz: This gem belongs to Earth,it can see the weakness of the person,It symbolizes seeing weakness of others.
  • The Opal:
  • 'The Ruby: It belongs to Zeus,it can help the person to be wise,It symbolizes Wisdom. But when the Ruby, turns palish, it will make Zeus', have rage causing him to have a dark aura around him and makes him more faster and powerful.
  • The Amethyst: it belongs to Shiji and it has a strength to never give up and it provides a good speed,It symbolizes Speed.