Tsunami Leopard is balance type bey owned by Kyoya Blade X.It has a special capability to create storms.It can also change the arena and turn it into a place where it has advantage like Hades Kerbecs BD145DS


The facebolt depict's Leopard's face and its jaws.The facebolt is made of a mixture of stone and metal.It cannot me fitted inside any other beyblade.

4D Energy Ring:

The ring is shaped like the claws of leopard and each edge of the claws are made of metal so that it can be used in offensive pattern.The energy ring has two modes:(i)Cyclone Mode and (ii)Tsunami Mode.During cyclone mode,the bey can purely defense any attacks and can create huge storms.And in Tsunami mode , the storms power increases and the bey very slowly starts to damage the opponent's bey.

4D Fusion Wheel:

The fusion wheel is shaped like a triangle.It has 2 holes in the right and left which can reflect any attack from above.This holes can also create a wind force and throw them at opponent's beyblade.

PC Frame:

The PC Frame is coloured green.It is made of rubber so that it can spin steal.

Spike Frame:

Spike Frame as the name suggests has 10 sharp spikes fitted under the wheel.It has a lot of counter attack or smash attck power.

Galaxy Frame:

The Galaxy frame has only two metal claws.It can turn the arena into a dimension where the gravitational force is thrice as much as earth's.

4D Performance Tip:

The tip can change heights.At first it 10 mm and then 145 mm and then 190 mm and at last 230 mm.The tip is very very sharp but keeps on the balance.

Special Moves:

Shadow Tornado Booster

Dark Dimension

Tsunami Wave


Circle Rampage:

This move turns the bey into 4 beys and the 4 beys come at the opponents bey from different directions and destroys it.



Leopard in rage


Cyclone Mode


Leopard ready to attack


Tsunami Mode


Leopard running at his slowest piece