Tyrant Beholder 145 O:D
521px-Beholder 70185
Beast Name Beholder
Type Defense
Beast Type Attack
Tyrant Beholder O:D is a Defence Bey based off the famous DnD monster the Beholder. It is owned by Vkkiriyak. R

Facebolt: Beholder

The Facebolt depicts the Beholder a bizzard creature which consists of bulbous body with an eye that never closes.It is a Metal Face.

Chrome Wheel: Beholder

The Chrome wheel looks like the Gemios energy ring, it is only bigger with eye designs.It is colored silver.

4D Performance Tip: Optical Drive

O:D is shaped like B:D only that after losing a lot of Stamina it lowers to the height of 105 automatically thus turning to an attack tip.It is colored white.

Special Move

  • OPTIC RAY:It shoots the opponent with a barrage of white rays that melt the facebolt in seconds.