The title of this Bey is very mysterious, however, there were accounts of Bladers fighting with this Bey, and they can describe what they saw on this page. The Bladers that saw this Bey took many forms, meaning there is no actual form for this Bey.

Launcher: Unknown

The Bey launcher is currently unknown, but Bladers saw the owner was wielding something like a gauntlet which launches this Bey. It makes the Bey spin about a thousand miles a second, and in that speed the tip causes the floor to be in blue flames due to the immense speed and friction. In that kind of speed, it cannot be launched on normal iron Bey Stadiums, or else the stadium will melt, it can only be launched at titanium-plated stadiums, or metal more precious or stronger than titanium.

Facebolt: Unknown

Now, the Bey is called Unknown Bey ??:??,  did you think there are no parts for this Bey? Bladers that saw the Bey spinning had a very, dull image of beasts, things, stars, and etc. on the facebolt. It may cause many illusions to the Blader and Bey who is fighting this. They also saw the facebolt changes shapes with the pictures on it, and the facebolt changed its dimensions from 2D to 4D. With each change of the facebolt, it gives out a colorful flash of dark light (literally blinding darkness), but since of the speed the Bey is spinning, it normally hurts the eyes.