Wakusei Kurusitaru

Wakusei Kurisutaru is one of the main protagonists in Beyblade:Crystal Legends. He is the Elder brother of Zero Kurisutaru. He previously owned Fire Dragon 100RF but it has evolved and now he owns the mighty Inferno Gragon HC120 BXF.


Wakusei wears a Black Shirt with a Dark Blue Coat and a Black pant. He has White socks with Blue stripes. He also wears Black Shoes with Brown Highlights. He has Brown eyes.


Wakusei is very kind and will do anything to help his friends and his Brother. He also is very kind to his bey. He makes friends easily.


  • Zero: Wakusei's Brother in the Manga and Anime.


  • Fire Gragon 100RF: It was Wakusei's first bey. It was the most powerful until it evolved.
  • Inferno Gragon HC120 BXF: The evolved form of Fire Gragon. It is the most powerful bey but, it can't beat Immortal Reaper.